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Forgeline Solutions Announces New Ownership

Lost Arrow Project has rebranded as Forgeline Solutions and, as of 01 June, the business is independently owned and no longer affiliated with Patagonia. After over 15 years of running the Lost Arrow business at Patagonia, Eric Neuron now leads Forgeline Solutions as its President and owner. Forgeline takes its two decades of experience and learnings from the Lost Arrow brand and continues its core mission to serve the SOCOM community at the highest level.

“This change represents the successful 15-year incubation of a US Made focused business by Patagonia, and the natural progression of that business to continue its mission.”
Eric Neuron

Forgeline Solutions will continue investments in its US based supply chain and technology partners to ensure continued focus on delivering the best line of Berry Compliant operational uniforms and gear to Special Operations Forces.

“I want to thank Eric and his team for their contributions to our business and community. They have never wavered from their goal to improve the sourcing methods for Berry compliant gear for the US Department of Defense. We look forward to Eric and team continuing their work at Forgeline and wish them the best.”
Ryan Gellert, CEO Patagonia

Forgeline Solutions will have a new name and ownership but will be focused on its mission to continue to serve the tactical operator:

·         Same team 

·         Same dedication 

·         Same expertise 

·         Same US-based supply chain 

The Forgeline Team looks forward to sharing more insights in the upcoming weeks.

2 Responses to “Forgeline Solutions Announces New Ownership”

  1. Charles says:

    Congrats to the Forgeline team!

  2. Crackers says:

    That’s pretty major news.