Modern Warfare Week

National Molding J Hook

National Molding has developed a new product called the J Hook designed to attach shock cord or paracord to MOLLE. The J Hook engages a standard bar tack and will maintain it’s position regardless of any tension on the cord. It can be removed or repositioned easily and under extreme load will snap free without breaking. They are available in black as well as any of National Molding’s standard military colors.



7 Responses to “National Molding J Hook”

  1. Strike-Hold! says:

    That’s clever.

  2. ncs says:

    is there any practical purpose for this?

    • Belovedveritas says:

      Only if you find cordage useful and have gear with molle….

      • Tyler says:

        Or if you design gear and can integrate it in from initial concept. Should be regarded as yet another hardware option…could serve as a lo-pro alternative to ITW’s Grimloc

  3. Tyler says:

    looks smaller than a 1″ bartack

  4. Alex says:

    Take this, add a little paracord/550 cord/bootlace, and tie to your gps/compass/multitool/whatever and you have an instant, very easy to attach and remove lanyard.

    Combine this with shock cord and a cord lock and you have a quick and easy way to secure a strobe to your helmet, if you’re not authorized to modify your issue kit. (assuming your issue helmet has MOLLE).

    In fact, using these with shock cord, you could use these as a way to attach scrim and bush to your helmet for camo.

    Just a couple of ideas I brainstormed, I’m sure others will come up with more ideas as well.

  5. Ross says:

    Any idea where you can buy these in small quantities?