Army to Purchase Additional M110 Sniper Rifles

Knights Armament Corp, Titusville, FL, was awarded a $24,909,740 firm-fixed-price indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract. The award will provide for the procurement of M110 semi-automatic sniper system. Work will be performed in Titusville, FL, with an estimated completion date of March 21, 2017. One bid was solicited, with one bid received. The US Army Contracting Command, Picatinny Arsenal, NJ, is the contracting activity (W15QKN-12-D-0029).


4 Responses to “Army to Purchase Additional M110 Sniper Rifles”

  1. Burtonb says:

    I’m a big fan and collector of all things KAC, including numerous SR-15s and a recent SR-25. In reading on other forums and blogs, I hear lots of talk of the SR25 and M110s earning scorn from troops in the field. I’d love to know details of exactly what the issue was. Thanks!

    • Burtonb says:

      here’s something interesting…helped me answer my own question:

      • FormerSFMedic says:

        There were some reports during the recent years that the M110 had durability problems under field conditions. Now, Iam a former soldier and a sniper school graduate. I also have a lot of good friends still working in the Army including SOCOM. The reason I mention those facts is because in my experience and in the experience of everyone else I’ve talked to, the M110 has performed as intended. It’s hard to say how many soldiers actually had problems and how many were just repeating a rumor. It’s hard to say too, what those weapons went through and whether or not end user error plaid a role. Suffice it to say, I and others that I have talked to have never been able to prove the deficiencies expressed by some in the community.

        It’s interesting to note that the Army did put out a solicitation for an upgraded M110. The main request in that solicitation was for a shorter lightweight version of the SASS. Does the Army know about durability issues that we don’t? Maybe that’s why they want an upgrade? Who knows. I will say that the complaints have nearly ceased and that the Army and Marines are buying more. From what I’ve heard, there were changes made to the gun that largely negate the previous issues.