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Massif Launches Brandon Webb Logo Clothing – Updated

About a month ago friend, former SEAL and SOFREP Editor Brandon Webb shared some cool news with me. Massif was going to launch a line of clothing featuring his logo and earlier this week, it happened.

The launch includes three GREAT Massif products which should be no strangers to regular SSD readers; the Diamondpeak Field Pant, Pilot Rock Polo, and Integrated Tactical Jacket. In fact, I own and use all three.

The line is offered in BW Black and features Brandon’s logo embroidered on the garment.

We caught up with Brandon and he told SSD, “There is a massive void in the market for combining innovation and functionality into outdoor clothing that is also at an affordable price point. Arc’teryx makes AWESOME stuff but it’s out of the reach of many. I’m working with Massif to develop several key survival items built into new clothing for fall. This stuff will keep Bear Grylls up at night tossing and turning.”

We also want you to know that the line will included several new items for Fall. For example, there will be survival multi tools incorporated into new garments such as a reversible anorak (Black/Camo). Also the line will expand with OD as a color option.

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2 Responses to “Massif Launches Brandon Webb Logo Clothing – Updated”

  1. Giovani says:

    How do you like the Field Pant? I just bought a pair last night.

  2. Brandon Webb says:


    The Diamond peak is a favorite of mine. I’ve worn this at the range, in the woods, w/ a dress shirt (the guys at Brooks Brothers were like WTF that’s cool!!) and flying one of my club planes….this is one of the most comfortable pants I’ve worn. The rear pocket is slid forward so items rest on the hip and are not sat on….Martin and I make a good team over there!!!

    I only work with A companies and A people….great things happen that way.