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Massif Launches Brandon Webb Logo Clothing – Updated

Friday, April 6th, 2012

About a month ago friend, former SEAL and SOFREP Editor Brandon Webb shared some cool news with me. Massif was going to launch a line of clothing featuring his logo and earlier this week, it happened.

The launch includes three GREAT Massif products which should be no strangers to regular SSD readers; the Diamondpeak Field Pant, Pilot Rock Polo, and Integrated Tactical Jacket. In fact, I own and use all three.

The line is offered in BW Black and features Brandon’s logo embroidered on the garment.

We caught up with Brandon and he told SSD, “There is a massive void in the market for combining innovation and functionality into outdoor clothing that is also at an affordable price point. Arc’teryx makes AWESOME stuff but it’s out of the reach of many. I’m working with Massif to develop several key survival items built into new clothing for fall. This stuff will keep Bear Grylls up at night tossing and turning.”

We also want you to know that the line will included several new items for Fall. For example, there will be survival multi tools incorporated into new garments such as a reversible anorak (Black/Camo). Also the line will expand with OD as a color option.

Massif Integrated Tactical Jacket

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

Available exclusively from US Cav, Massif’s new Integrated Tactical Jacket is unlike anything produced by Massif in the past. In fact, there are design features here that remain unseen anywhere else.

The biggest change is that this is Massif’s first non-FR piece and this is reflected in the price. The cost has also been mitigated a bit by making it a GSA compliant garment. The jacket is very lightweight and very stretchy and I really like it.

The Integrated Tactical Jacket is designed to be worn with armor and is manufactured from two different water repellant softshell materials that are proprietary to Massif. I have a sample jacket and it is very well designed. The fit is very good and can be worn with layers. In fact, it is designed to be worn over a combat shirt for those times when you need additional coverage. Additionally, it features some interesting chest pockets. First off, they are truly chest pockets, mounted way up high so that you can access them through the arm holes on your armor vest. Like I said, you access them through the arm holes of your armor so think of the pocket openings like the ones you have on a normal jacket down at your waist. Now move them up six inches.

There are several other features as well. The inset shoulder bicep pockets contain angled cell phone sleeves so your Jesus phone will just slide smoothly in and out even with a Magpul cover. The sleeve pockets also feature velcro panels for identification. The cuffs are adjustable using grippy die cut tabs and the mandarin collar keeps your armor from chaffing your neck. No pit zips on this one but they aren’t needed due to the fabric choice as well as the mesh lining in all pockets that help with airflow.

Available in Black, Olive Drab and Tan in sizes S-2XL. Made in USA. For more info from Massif visit To order visit

ABS Now Available in OCP

Monday, May 30th, 2011

The Airman Battle Shirt is now available from Massif, the government supplier in MultiCam (OCP) in addition to Air Force Digital Tigerstripe. This is great news for units looking for the functionality of the ABS, a component of the Airman Battle System – Ground which is normally issued to deploying Airmen. However, the AF recently decided to adopt the Army’s organizational clothing ensemble in order to streamline its transition to OCP for Afghanistan-bound troops meaning that they receive an Army issue of clothing and equipment including FR ACUs and Army Combat Shirt. Based on the ACS, the ABS adds forearm pockets to the design.

The Importance of FR

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

We think it’s good to offer evidence every once in awhile as to how well military issue personal protective equipment works. In this interview of SFC Sarah Walker who survived a suicide bomb attack, you will see that the Army Combat Shirt built by Massif Mountain Gear is a great example of a product designed to combine comfort and protection. The video also demonstrates how critical FR protection is by showing the contrast of her burned and protected skin.

Massif Mountain Gear Company at SHOT Show

Friday, January 7th, 2011

In addition to producing the US Army issue Army Combat Shirt (and USAF Airman Battle Shirt), Massif has been producing several cool new FR garments. One of them is commercial Universal Combat Shirt which is based on the ACS. What’s more, these as well as Massif’s other new garments are available in an ever widening variety of colors including Tan, OD, and MultiCam. We have production samples of these new items and we can tell you that they are top notch for both design and quality. Check their entire line out at booth #26003.

UCS by Massif

The New Wonder Twins – Massif and Gehring

Friday, August 28th, 2009

How could you call the combination of manufacturers of FR combat uniforms and the producers of specialty fabrics anything else? Yesterday, Massif Mountain Gear Company and Gehring Textiles announced that they have entered into an exclusive agreement to jointly develop and supply military forces around the world with a new generation of flame-resistant fabrics and apparel. Under the terms of the agreement, Massif will become Gehring’s exclusive customer for new flame-resistant fabrics developed by Gehring, or jointly by Gehring and Massif, for apparel, headwear and gloves. Gehring will continue to sell certain styles in its current line of flame-resistant fabrics to existing customers. Furthermore, this agreement will extend access to these innovative fabrics to Outdoor Research who is a strategic partner with Massif.

Massif produces the Army Combat Shirt and Gehring is widely known for their fabrics including Tweave. Outdoor Research produces FR hand and head wear from fabrics supplied by Massif.