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Every Other Chest Rig On The Planet Is Now Too Heavy

‘Every Other Chest Rig On The Planet Is Now Too Heavy’ – That’s a pretty bold statement made recently by gear manufacturer High Ground as they introduced The Chest Rig. Even the name implies that there can be no other.


The rig is reversible – MultiCam to Coyote and features integrated ITW buckles to allow instant transition from H-Harness Shoulder Straps to Plate Carrier integration. As you can see it’s PALS compatible and relies as much on the pouches for structural support as they do upon The Chest Rig. It’s as bare bones as it gets.


Yes, some of us have seen a similar product in the past from Crye Precision where users obtained extra AirLite cummerbund panels for the Jumpable Plate Carrier and attached them to the front in order to rapidly reconfigure loads. It wasn’t by design as much by user adaption and its difficult to obtain a JPC let alone an AirLite cummerbund. The major difference here is that this was designed to work this way from the outset and includes a chest rig H harness with articulated shoulder straps seen here. I’m sure it’s going to be popular but I’m just as sure that there will be detractors based on its similarity to the Crye design.




15 Responses to “Every Other Chest Rig On The Planet Is Now Too Heavy”

  1. jrexilius says:

    this is awesome.

  2. Matt says:

    If you’ve worn AirLite you know how uncomfortable it is when molle pouches fastenings dig into your flesh. Be them natick snaps, Malice clips or whatever… and magazine pouches just love to do that. I admire the creativity, but I’d rather wear Rhodesian vintage canvas rig than this one.

    • John says:

      I agree. This would be something good to go with a slick armor carrier but not stand alone. I remeber ALICE clips poking me in the side and having to either use 550 cord on those pesky spots or buying a pad to go inside my war belt.
      I don’t like the configuration of the sholder/back straps. I would have gone with a crossed stap configuration like on the original RACK or a basic H harness. either one with a single waist strap.
      Good concept. It has a place.

  3. Dann says:

    I have been looking into this concept since late 2010 and have been testing it in Afghanistan in 2011. This just proves that a lot of people think alike.
    I think High Ground have done a very good job, but they could still take a lot of weight of that chestrig, but it is still what doe the customer want, I know a lot of people think my version of a ultralite chestrig just seems to lite too them.
    For any one interested in seeing another way to doe this look here http://s858.photobucket.com/albums/ab148/E-taktiskforum/Blackbird%20Project/

  4. BS says:

    It might work great with BFG HeliumWhisper or similiar attachement systems, without stiffeners and snaps.

  5. Dann says:

    Nearly all soldiers wear body armor, so it is not that big at problem.

  6. Reseremb says:

    Between this and their 3-day pack… HGG is playing in the big league.

  7. Malice clips will eat your clothing of you aren’t wearing this over a plate.

  8. master chin says:

    nice set up…straight pimpin

  9. Patrick says:

    If you used this with BDS snap-less Molle pouches it would be great!

  10. straps says:

    I like things about his very much.

    What I don’t get is the logic behind using printed webbing for the areas that will surely be covered, but unprinted webbing for the harness.

    As most everyone posted above, the true utility will be for wear with armor (harness out of the mix), and one thing that will definitely help is the male buckles on the rig. I have HOURS I’ll never get back spent rigging my legacy deuce gear for use on armor.

    And here I thought I could get through 2012 without buying any more kit…

  11. johnny says:

    According to the Crye catalog and their SHOT Show display they are suppose to have low vis RBAV and MBAV armor carriers. A while back they had pictured an airlite chest rig that integrated into those vests. They said it would be released at some point.

    It seems like Crye dropped all those designs. It appears as of right now that they passed on the low vis RBAV design to First Spear, and now let High Ground Gear get this chest rig design.

  12. James says:

    over armor maybe… way to much harware for what it accomplishes I think the concept is going in the right direction

  13. Chris says:

    Holy cow, is Crye not protecting that IP?

  14. Felix says:

    Extreme Gear Labs anyone??