SOCOM Chooses BAE SkeetIR Thermal Imager

The US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) has awarded BAE Systems an $11 million contract to procure the SkeetIR thermal monocular.

The combat proven monocular can be used in a variety of modes. It serves in weapon clip-on, handheld, and helmet mount modes and piggy-back to provide visual augmentation for image intensified (I2) devices. This turns a simple I2 device into a fusion device. Additionally, because it is a thermal imager it can be used day or night and used to peer through smoke or obscurants.

“Our primary focus is to allow our operators to see the enemy before they’re seen, and the SkeetIR does just that,” said Vadim Plotsker, president of BAE Systems OASYS in Manchester, New Hampshire, where the devices are designed and produced. “The SkeetIR has undergone extensive Department of Defense review and testing and is often referred to as a game changing operational capability.”

The SkeetIR is one of the smallest and most versatile thermal imagers on the market. It fits within the dimensions of a credit card and it allows for seamless operational transition from an observation to a targeting device. These uncooled LWIR sights can be turned on and put into action in less than four seconds and are controlled by a combination of hot buttons and an intuitive menu. Calibration is quickly accomplished when needed and a red dot sight can be instantly boresighted with the SkeetIR. The SkeetIR also includes a red laser for target designation. Finally, the devices are configured in such a way that the firmware can be altered or upgraded as needed. In fact. they are working on increasing battery life and decreasing warm up periods.

BAE uses the same remote as Insight for laser activation so the UTM is backwards compatible with the PEQ-2A, PEQ-15, PEQ-16, PSQ-18, and M3X/M6X weaponlights. There is no need to purchase additional new accessories and if a cable is lost or damaged it is easily replaced from existing spares. Finally, to conserve power, the SkeetIR utilizes a Hall Effect Sensor to go into standby mode and eventually shut down when disconnected from its mount.

BAE Systems OASYS has expertise in thermal imaging technology, optical assembly design and manufacture, precision optical components, and rapid development of multi-mission use devices. The company continues to improve its systems providing customers with smaller, lighter, and lower power devices.

Having worked with the SkeetIR I can tell you that it is simple to use and greatly enhances situational awareness. Additionally, I really like the versatility of the sight’s various mountain options.

Note: This is an ITAR restricted item.


One Response to “SOCOM Chooses BAE SkeetIR Thermal Imager”

  1. FormerSFMedic says:

    This great news to hear! We’ve been using this optic in limited numbers for some time now. Now that SOCOM is buying these off of a contract there will be more to go around for team members. The SkeetIR really is a game changer as it allows the end user to be more versatile in a number of different situations. Hopefully its use will filter down so that conventional forces can have the same capability.