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Make Ready with Michael Bane – Concealed Carry

Panteao Productions introduces Make Ready with Michael Bane: Concealed Carry. Although best known for his highly rated original television series on Outdoor Channel — SHOOTING GALLERY, THE BEST DEFENSE, GUN STORIES, RAPID FIRE, COWBOYS — Michael Bane has been active in competitive shooting and training for decades. Michael walks you through the system of concealed carry and reviews various holsters, full size and compact firearms, pocket pistols, properly concealing firearms, off body carry, vehicles, home carry, stress inoculation, and range drills.


3 Responses to “Make Ready with Michael Bane – Concealed Carry”

  1. EODClass03180S says:

    Hopefully Michael is better with a handgun than with a rifle. I’ve seen him trying to run various rifles on his show…it’s reminiscent of a monkey with a football. I think I might respect him more if he got rid of that ridiculous ear ring. Or I might not.

  2. erik says:

    stone cold killa….not

  3. RubberKnifer says:

    What a clown!