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IOTV III is Coming

The Army has inserted a couple of improvements into the Improved Outer Tactical Vest version III. Overall, you won’t notice many cosmetic changes. A contract was recently awarded for production of 57,000 of the new carriers which incorporate the National Molding Molly Stix to secure the side plate carrier to the cummerbund but also their Quad Release Trigger Assembly. The Quad Release Trigger Assembly allows the wearer to rapidly don and doff the carrier. The most interesting aspect of the system is the simplicity of re-assembling the components. It’s a simple snap of four side-release buckles. This cutaway system is certainly going to be easier for Soldiers to put back together.

IOTV Gen III – National Molding Parts


2 Responses to “IOTV III is Coming”

  1. Chockblock says:

    The $10,000 question is: can they stand up to a GI tossing the IOTV into a conex or a washing machine? (yes I know you’re supposed to handwash it but I’ve had to pull many a vest out of the washing machines when on CQ)

  2. Ben Branam says:

    The Army needs help with this thing. The last time I used one was 2009, but is sucked bad. The Marine Corps bought Eagle plate carriers it sucked so bad. Have they improved at all in the last couple years. Our poor soldiers need help and something they can move around in.