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LifeProof iPhone Cases at Extreme Outfitters

LifeProof iPhone cases are waterproof (6.6 ft depth), dust-proof (minute dust particles) and shock-proof (6.6ft drop on all surfaces and edges). They are also low profile, unlike most other brands. The case only increases the size of the iPhone by 1.5mm increase on each edge.

For a limited time get a free Extreme Outfitters T-shirt with the purchase of any Lifeproof case.

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One Response to “LifeProof iPhone Cases at Extreme Outfitters”

  1. Scott says:

    Ive been using a lifeproof case since December when my wife got me one because i have no finesse with phones. Especially since it was an iphone it was critical that i had a badass case that could put up to my antics. this thing is like an insurance policy for you phone if you dont already have one.