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Ultralife A-320KT AmplifierADS Tactical

ADS and Ultralife bring you the Ultralife A-320KT 20-Watt total solution amplifier kit, designed specifically for man portable communication applications. It provides single battery operation (up to 15 hours on a 5590) as well as true DAMA, SINCGARS, and HAVEQUICK compatibility (no accidental stepping on adjacent nets). The A-320 amplifier weighs only 24 ounces and is the center piece of a kit that includes a quick-release mounting bracket, 90-512 MHz multi-band antenna, radio-to amp RF cable, antenna and angle adjustable antenna mount with RF cable. All told, the entire system weighs less than 3.1 pounds.

One of the coolest things about this system is the unique MOLLE compatible carrier for the amplifier which allows you to attach it directly to your gear. It also allows the amplifier to swing open for adjustments.

Ultralife A-320KT

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One Response to “Ultralife A-320KT AmplifierADS Tactical

  1. OEF JTAC says:

    As a JTAC in the USAF currently deployed in Afghanistan, I would recommend this piece of equipment to anyone who deals with communications and doesn’t want to carry a man-pack radio such as a PRC-117F/G or ACEP. Two buttons, a power selector and wattage selector, makes operations really easy. A 2 second hold will turn it on and 5 seconds to turn it off and 7-10-15-20 watts and back down 20-15-10-7. Mounts on your kit easily with a 590 or 5590. Only thing I would like to see improvement on is getting rid of excess wire or being able to do something with the wire instead of having to ball it up or weave it through out your molle on your back. I do have a adapter where I can just unplug my multi-band antenna for FM and UHF and easily plug in my portable X-wing Satcom antenna. I’ve been in freezing temperatures and in snow and rain with it and it only seemed to shut up when we were in below freezing temps. I’ve also experienced talking to aircraft was better when it was turned off, not sure if it jammed the clarity. Battery life is amazing. I turn my radios down to the lowest power and use the amp power and my battery will outlast the radio batteries themselves.