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Kryptek 2012



3 Responses to “Kryptek 2012”

  1. Black6ID says:

    Fancy video and all but most camo works well against rock. If your going to portray the effectiveness of your camo its probably not best to show animals running away from you.

  2. Bob Goble says:

    I’ve seen the the Kryptek line at a local Cabelas store. At first wow I was impressed,then I saw where it was made. Vietnam? Why would a war wounded veteran spend his money (probably yours too through federal grants to disabled vets) to make a product in Vietnam? With the price mark I think they could find a way to employ more Americans in manufacturing by reducing his profits a little. This would also demonstrate a great Moral value to their customers and his Veteran peers. So even though you may see a good product beware,support your returning Vets and fellow Americans by buying products Made in the USA. Kryptek please bring all your operations back to the USA,my Senator may ask you about this when he sees your bid to the U.S. Army. Thank You for your service and please remember who you served and why,May God Bless America.

    • Darius137 says:

      No offense, but we can’t make products for the same price stateside. If you want to compete on a global scale, to make things in the US you are basically paying slave wages.

      I myself am also a Vet, but I don’t see a problem with overseas manufacturing. US businessmen still make the profits. 😉