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CP MagClip Now Available

You’ve been asking for them and Crye Precision has just released the MagClip. The MagClip attaches to your M4-style magazine and allows you to carry it on belts or PALS webbing without a pouch. Offered in sets of 3 in Black or Khaki.


10 Responses to “CP MagClip Now Available”

  1. ByrdMan says:

    That’s a neat idea, but operating in sandy environments most of the time I can see all my rounds getting gunked up quick. I am deployed and we just had a big sandstorm a couple weeks ago, nice idea, but I think pouches and mag handles work just fine.

    • Alex says:

      I think this is less aimed at the military door-kicker and more for CCW/undercover/ wearing a suit and tie kind of work. Either way it’s another (useful) tool for the toolbox that gives you a lot more options when it comes to less weight and more creative mounting solutions.

  2. Eric says:

    Alex, I think you’re right about the targeted user. I can also see using these on a quick jump-out vehicle takedown as a fast reload, backed up by another 1 or 2 mags in a more secure pouch. Like ByrdMan says, I wouldn’t use these in an environment where I might be moving around and through dirt and crap, and where mags need to be more secure and protected. Still, I might give one a try and see what I think. If it falls off the kit or gets hung up, then I know.

    • Adam says:

      Nope, you can use it in every environment – as it is the only mag carrying solution that allows you to use PMAG Dust Cover. You would just have to fix it (cover) to your gear with some bungee strap and work on the drill to make it fall off when you pull the mag.

      Interesting idea and a very good example of cut-the-weight trend. Should work pretty well for CC too.

      • Alex says:

        Wow, I didn’t even think of intergrating the dust cover. That’s a smart one Adam.

        Talk about thinking outside the box…erm, pouch?

        I wonder how easy it would be to remount the magazines to the front of a chest rig if you still had some rounds left instead of putting them in a dump pouch.

        • Adam says:

          Outside the box is a good term here :).

          I guess working it back on MOLLE might not be the best solution if you want to perform tactical reload. Personally, I still stick those mags with some rounds left behind my cummerbund or front plate. Never really liked to use dump pouches. You can do the same with your chestrig too.

  3. Frank S. says:

    These are pretty cool with all the newer mag retention systems you really need to respect CP’s approach to a mag pouch alternative.

    Like Eric I think I would give them a try and see how well they work. The idea of not needing a mag pouch is interesting, but I could see the mag getting caught on things with the clip.

    Right now I really Love HSGI’s Taco Pouches and ITW Fast Mags. Guess there is a lot more choices to choose when you are looking for the best new thing from a tactical store.

  4. majrod says:

    Besides the comments already made I don’t like the idea of rounds getting knocked out and falling to the ground which is minor to the dirt issue.

  5. tucker says:

    bought me a set, will go good on the inside of a bag.