215 Gear Assault Pack, Medium Now Available for Pre-Order


The Assault Pack, Medium is now added as a product, available for pre-order until 0900 07MAY12. The best part is if you get in on the pre-order, you can get the pack at a 15% discount.


One Response to “215 Gear Assault Pack, Medium Now Available for Pre-Order”

  1. alan says:

    Since Blue Force Gear no longer makes packs, the BFG “Micro” dapper pack specifically,this looks like it would fill the need for the Micro-size pack(s).
    I could even get the “Dapper” insert and fit it to the inside of this 214 gear pack,add dappers,and of course whatever PALS pouches I want/need, and, “Voila”! the perfect size EDC or 1 day pack.

    Nice design,great company,I pre-ordered one,and might get another later on.

    I just hope they dont change the design from the original I will be getting, like they did with the mesh in their ballcaps.