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Deceptex – Coming Summer 2012

Leveraging lessons learned on the Ghostex program with ADS, Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corporation has unveiled Deceptex. Leveraging, a print-on-demand camouflage service they manufacture camouflage as needed rather than stockpiling it. With over 100 distinct patterns already loaded on the site, they’ve already got our attention.


The concept of operations is simple. Hyperstealth will use their two large format digital inkjet textile printers to print fabric for any Deceptex pattern and this will be manufactured into uniforms.

So what makes this different than Ghostex? For one thing, availability. Ghostex was limited to Government clients whereas Deceptex is available to the general public. Additionally, Ghostex features NIR treatments and Deceptex will be limited to visual spectrum camouflage only.

Deceptex will be available for orders beginning Summer 2012.

To learn more visit www.hyperstealth.com/deceptex


2 Responses to “Deceptex – Coming Summer 2012”

  1. Richard says:

    Looks like carpet samples…

  2. G.B. says:

    How to successfully camouflage yourself:

    1) Put on OD green overall
    2) Roll around in the mud for 5 minutes
    3) You are now camouflaged