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Warrior West – The Eliminator

The makers of the popular Decon Zone ozone sanitation system have come up with an innovative new product released today at Warrior West. The Eliminator is designed specifically to dry as well as sanitize hand wear, footwear, and other similar PPE with a combination of warm air and ozone pumped through the 40 mounting tubes.


There are also elbow adaptors to get into the toe box of footwear. Additionally, each row of tubes can be turned on or off. Finally, The Eliminator is portable but must be used out of doors due to the generation of bacteria killing ozone.


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2 Responses to “Warrior West – The Eliminator”

  1. Jason says:

    I wonder how that ozone will shorten the life of the synthetics (rubber, etc.) that the hand and footware is made out of.

    • Doug E. Doug says:

      Good point – depending on the concentration, it can discolor clothes and break down plastics and leather pretty quickly. Ozone is a remarkably potent oxidizer.