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US4CES Family of Camouflage – Tactical Tailor


This is the Fight Lite Plate Carrier in US4CES OCIE pattern.


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7 Responses to “US4CES Family of Camouflage – Tactical Tailor”

  1. Strike-Hold! says:

    That photo illustrates very nicely why printed webbing and loop-fastener is important. The camo pattern is virtually obliterated under strips of Coyote Brown.

    • JC says:

      That’s right, because camo webbing and Velcro immediately renders you invisible.

      • Riceball says:

        Strike Hold isn’t saying that, what he is saying is that all that solid colored webbing and velcro effectively eliminates or at least reduces the effectiveness of the camo pattern. With all of those straps and all that velcro in coyote a lot of the camo is covered, practically to the point where you’d be just as well of wearing a solid coyote vest with no camo printed on it anywhere.

        • JC says:

          If you’re relying on hook and loop to camouflage you you’ve got a bigger problem. You did notice the 3 Pmags, black 9mm mag, tripletriple, admin pouch and SSD patch strapped to the vest, right? Or maybe we are just talking about colour coordinating your complete summer range outfit?

          • 11B says:

            … You’re not relying on the velcro to camoflague you. You’re relying on the velcro to not screw up the camo of the rest of the equipment. These camoflague patterns are algorithm based to created depth using light and darkness, if the pattern is disrupted because you have big slabs of brown across it it won’t work as well.

  2. eva05 says:

    I’m digging the pattern though. Certainly worth some testing…

  3. GW Ayers says:

    The Sorry truth is, We made what ADS and Cramer sent us.

    we have started to use cammo matching webbing and should see it on TT Multicam Products in a few months.

    This was a very interesting discussion.