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Ted Tae Profiled on Insite TV

Longtime SSD friend Ted Tae is the focus of this Insite TV episode.

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4 Responses to “Ted Tae Profiled on Insite TV”

  1. ODG says:

    It looks like a great segment, but it would be better if it was subtitled since I don’t speak Korean.

  2. MM says:

    if you click on the ‘cc’ button at the bottom of the video screen box, the subtitles will show.

  3. A.Lentz says:

    Tell ted next time to mount his GoPro Rear facing, i have a mate that went to AVI back a ways, that got some great stuff (sorry cant share) of the boys going Ape during a 2Way outside of TK a few years back. he reckoned he couldn’t see the Terries out front much but the looks on the boys faces behind him made for plenty of laughs after the fact.

    Good times, Good times….