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Elasto-Lok from National Molding

National Molding has introduced a new addition to the Dura-flex family, the Elasto-Lok. It features quick attach split bars allowing it to be quickly mounted to PALs webbing. The adjustable shock cord secures or stabilizes the accessory onto the platform. To remove the item a quick flip of the locking tab and the item is free in seconds. National Molding suggests it for securing flashlights or other items and they claim multiple Elasto-Loks can be used for larger items like break in tools.



8 Responses to “Elasto-Lok from National Molding”

  1. Are these the same as the ones 215 gear has had out for awhile?

  2. Curt says:

    I just bought one of these an Amazon before you story went up. Funny. I was thinking of using it for a Tourniquet or Flashlight. Maybe both if i like it.

    Amazon link
    Tactical Military Modular Universal Duraflex Elasto-lok

  3. Looking now the 215 Gear one comes with a vertical adapter which these appear not to. So it depend on how you want your gear to sit. I wonder if these will be out in any other colors?

  4. mike says:

    Yes it’s very similar to what 215 sells separately and attached to their chest rigs. Have you considered that they may get these from National Molding? They are not in the business of molding plastic, they design and run machines to stitch-up the designs.

  5. Jason says:

    Looks a bit like ITW’s Web Dominators. Much easier to engage/disengage but also easier to accidentally uncouple. *shrug* I guess it’s a tradeoff you have to decide on.

  6. No I understand it’s most likely the same product. I was just noticing the price difference and was seeing what caused it.

  7. BS says:

    I wouldn’t say that it’s something new. I’m not sure but I had exact product few years back. http://www.currahee.pl/design/_gallery/_orginal/399.jpg