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Emperor – New from Medford Knife & Tool

Greg Medford has unveiled the Emperor, the fixed blade companion to the very popular Praetorian folder. What do you think? or


3 Responses to “Emperor – New from Medford Knife & Tool”

  1. Desert Lizard says:

    I like that it has lots of blade so it can be re-sharpened alot. I just don’t need any more knives.

  2. Juan Bravo says:

    100% Awesomeness, mixed in with indestructibility, and full load of badassery.

  3. MarkM says:

    Another report on field kit with more eye candy appeal than utility. It’s a sharpened prybar, and a short one at that. Having used knives in the field off and on over 30 years, the first standards of comparison would be what does it do any better than a bayonet, or a 4″ folder?

    The bayonet is pointy and actually fastens to the rifle, making a short lance. Two things that this won’t do. And a 4″ folder can be flat ground and exponentially sharper, with a more durable, longer lasting edge, because it’s a smaller piece of blade steel. That economy means you can afford better blade steel, as knives with tang handles require more work – grinding and shaping an extra 5″ of alloy steel is a high cost, low efficiency method of construction. Most fixed blades aren’t high end steel.

    From there, it’s a matter of finding space to store it securely, another piece of kit lashed the outside of the vest/carrier/LBE takes up valuable space. It also invites loss, and can be tactically criticized for being an accessible weapon for others.

    The design seems robust enough, but it’s trading away utility for looks. The deep belly of the blade is compromised by the short swedge grind that enhiances wedging and friction in deep cuts. The blunt tip requires more power to penetrate, and the short overall length inhibits chopping. Compared to the opposite design, a thin Euro combat blade, it’s deficient.

    Like trying to up armor a HMMV to make it a combat vehicle, it’s the wrong platform for the job from the start. A simple 4″ folder with FRN grips and a clip is far and away preferred for field work, and with the abundance of change removing the need to use a blade on field rations, etc, it becomes more a contrast – what does a knife do better than other alternatives – like a cheap pair of EMT shears?

    Giving it a hard look, I’d seriously consider the shears to be a better combat weapon – if being equipped with a rock isn’t an option. But, those raised on the koolaid of “devastating” blades in matte finishes will likely disagree.