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Houston Police Officer Creates American Tactical Apparel

Houston Police Officer Brian Hoffner has created a new line of clothing called American Tactical Apparel. According to a report on Houston’s KSDK

Pants cost $150 a pair. They include 15 pockets, including one on the side that’s large enough to fit a handgun.

“I have a full-size GLOCK on. If I need it now, I simply pull down this tab and I draw my GLOCK and I’m ready to defend myself,” said Brian Hoffner, founder of American Tactical Apparel. “Nothing’s pulling anywhere. It’s totally comfortable. And a full-size gun concealed. It’s a necessity. Fifteen pockets for tactical use. For rifle mags, pistol mags, phones, cameras, ammunition, whatever you may need.



17 Responses to “Houston Police Officer Creates American Tactical Apparel”

  1. Paul says:

    I got dizzy just looking at all the pockets and zippers on that thing. It would take me forever to find my car keys.

    That being said, I’m sure he’ll sell a gazillion of them…..after all, they are “tactical”.

  2. threeseven says:

    At a certain point, moaning about everything being labelled ‘tactical’ becomes just as played out as actually labeling everything as ‘tactical’ in the first place. Unfortunately, the reality is ‘tactical’ is to this industry as ‘technical’ is to climbing/adventuring – it just means ‘functional’. Now wether or not fifteen pockets is actually functional or not is another story entirely. I’d give these a try out of interests sake but long pants never fit my hobbit-like legs.

  3. Joe says:

    Screaming tactical is not tactical

  4. Invictus says:

    How does the weapon move as you move? That’s an interesting innovation.

    Best catchphrase ever: “I have a full size GLOCK on.” There’s just no way to make that not sound dirty.

  5. Sean says:

    Humm the idea of having a holster inside your pants is an interesting one. I am not convinced about all of those pockets, would you really need them?? That is what i am not sure about, the most covert pant on the market is made by vertex IMHO but that’s just me. I think it will need some refinement but i do think that a pant with a integrated holster for concealed carry has some merit to it.

    • Corbin says:

      Definitely agree with Sean. I really like the idea of the holster but these pants scream,”i carry a gun”. 15 pockets is excessive and the locations of them are even stranger.

  6. Charlie says:

    Total mall ninja.

  7. Catch22 says:

    I don’t get it… Do they come with a holster already bulit-in or do they just have a slit and you have to wear what seems to be a large neoprene-like holster that wraps around your thigh (velcro fastening?) and makes your leg sweaty and rides down when running? If the holster is built-in then how they expect to keep the gun steady, close to te body and reduce printing?

    I like the out-of-the box approach but this garment clearly eats its own tail. The draw and /reholstering from this zipper tigh thing is probably less perfect that from your average Safari or Raven holster worn more or less openly. While the whole pants scream “I’m special, shoot me first” and you can hardly expect someone who is wearing such pants not to pack the heat. So what’s the philosophy behind this product? To create the distinctive “tactical” apparel and then to pretend that nothing happened? I’d rather wear my Vertx and IWB or just a dropleg setup.

  8. Hoff says:

    Great comments, thanks! We also have Blue Jeans with no BDU pockets that are very popular. We will be manufacturing discreet casual/dress pants soon with no tactical pockets, but of course they will have the patent pending covert carry system that is revolutionizing the industry because its so darn comfortable, and concealing, while providing quick access to the user. During 27 years of building holsters as one of Americas Master Holster Makers I have never found “the perfect concealed carry” till now. I now wear my full size pistol with my shirt tucked in and no cover, and know one is the wiser, including perps who practice snatching from holsters using “action beats reaction” technique. With American Tactical Apparel you are concealed. comfortable, and prepared which provides confidence and safety. Thanks!

  9. TRP says:

    Sounds great for hiking… but IMO you will never get a gun out faster if you have to undo a zipper first and cant your body over to draw it… hiking yes, everyday use NO… oh yeah, where are they manufactured?????

  10. TRP says:

    MADE IN U.S.A…… just found my own answer… good job

  11. BpSitRep says:

    Actually, with all the new make overs the DoD has done the past 30 years, this is the best set of ‘tactical’ trousers I’ve seen. You need pockets for all the micro crap people/troops/police have to carry these days. Great job on the design…USA !!!!

  12. JP says:

    Most uncomfortable pockets ever: front of thigh and crease of the hip/leg.

  13. Frank says:

    First, embedded videos that autoplay with sponsor’s messages is failure.

    Second, these pants scream mall-ninja.

    Third, they would make my already large ass look huge.

    • SSD says:

      So that you understand how these things work. In order to show their video, we have to use their embed code. That means that they may want to make money from you watching their video. No failure here, you just have to understand how business works.

  14. Matthew K. says:

    I get it. But thanks for removing the video.