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Military Technology on ‘The Avengers’

There is a wide variety of military tech featured in the hot movie, ‘The Avengers” but most of it is pure Hollywood. However, there’s a whole slew of kit that is the real deal.

According the Tactical Pro Shop, LLC who outfitted the team in this photo, gear included “Ops-Core Fast Base Jump helmets, decked out with Princeton Tec Quad-Nod Kits and MPLS.” Matt Kime went on to say that, “We also involved a leading Halo equipment manufacturer for the O2 mask systems.” He went on, “Also utilized in accomplishing the “look” of the SHIELD agents were:

Blade-Tech holsters (tactical and concealment) Surefire Flashlights Magpul Magazines and Slings Inova 24/7 Lights Crye Apparel.” Matt added that “The Princeton Tec / Ops-Core paring in particular has been an amazing relationship, and we continue to work with them extensively in regards to our film customers. They understand very clearly what Tactical Pro Shop does for them, and appreciate the way we do it.”

When asked about how this works, Matt related to SSD, “This project was another great example of developing an opportunity that had the potential to be a win/win/win for everybody.

– The show won by bringing equipment that was extremely current (actually not yet commercially available yet) to the big screen first.

– The manufacturers/vendors won by getting some exposure for their gear.

– And Tactical Pro Shop wins by continuing to prove ourselves as the go-to company in Hollywood that can leverage our outstanding relationships with our vendors, to accomplish the extremely difficult for a very demanding film industry customer base.

Avengers is a perfect example of why our team spends a lot of time during SHOT in back meeting rooms, being shown prototypes and forward-looking products that assorted manufacturers know we have the ability to place in a major motion picture.”


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4 Responses to “Military Technology on ‘The Avengers’”

  1. Dev says:

    The amount of Cobra buckles on show had me drooling

  2. PLiner says:

    Its the PHAOS oxygen mask made by Airborne Systems.

  3. Lcon says:

    Note the TDI Vector SMG and the AUG

  4. Miguel says:

    I also noticed Hawkeye wears http://www.blackhawk.com/product/Warrior-Wear-Operations-Jacket,178,31.htm Blackhawk’s softshell