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S.O.TECH Redesigned the Mission Pack Micro

Mission Pack, Micro has now been upgraded to include an extra 1.5 inches of depth and a reinforced, top hydration port with a Velcro closure flap. The added depth allows this bag to now carry a full VIPER combat load of VIPER Vest (holstered/releasable/or non-releasable), side accessory pouches, plates, ammunition, pistol, Padded Armor Belt, SOTech Flat IFAK , a full hydration bladder, and full Kevlar battle helmet attached externally with our Helmet Mesh Adapter.



7 Responses to “S.O.TECH Redesigned the Mission Pack Micro”

  1. Metalhead2508 says:

    Cool concept. It would have made more sense to have the vest against the front wall of the pack instead of the rear. I’m sure they could integrate a zippered portion right behind back padding. A fully loaded vest with hard & soft armor weighs a lot. Anybody who’s does any amount of hiking/backpacking knows the heavy items go as close to your back as possible. I can imagine that when loaded up, this pack is going to murder your shoulders. It doesn’t even have a hip belt to offset some of the weight.
    Cool concept, but needs some design changes. Also, I think your kit and hard armor would be more protected if you had to drop the pack or in case of a fall.

    • Roecar says:

      By the looks of it, I think the whole vest fills out the entire pack.

      • Metalhead2508 says:

        They claim that they added 1.5 inches to an existing pack for the vest to fit in. If the vest fills it out, it’s pretty worthless in my book. I could just wear my kit, and actually have a working pack. Definitely a cool concept, though.

  2. Ben Branam says:

    Great Idea! I think it would be something cool to keep in a vehicle or as part of a go bag set up at home. Finding a way to put kit in a bag is like putting a round peg in a square hole. Old school Marines hatted it so much that we would put our kit on the outside of our packs, buckled and dummy corded so they wouldn’t get lost.

  3. Mandingo says:

    Looks like those companies that do nothing but copy S.O. Tech designs have a new project…

  4. Bob says:

    I can’t figure out besides “storage” what purpose does the backpack actually serves. Since the pack has no hip belt, all the weight is on your shoulder which is about the least comfortable way to carry heavy load. Plus the load is uneven — a pack this shape will tend to pull to the back. In addition, where would my weapon go? Do I CARRY it while wearing the backpack?

    As another commenter had already pointed out, it is pretty clear to those who have experience that it will be more comfortable to just wear the carrier instead of carry it inside the backpack. Plus I could then sling the weapon and secure it with a catch. The pack really serves no purpose.

    Lastly, if the idea is to keep the operator cool until he/she has to go hot, I must argue that if I am on an expedition requiring armor protection I would rather be a little hot than taking the risk of running into the unexpected WITHOUT the armor on me…

    As interesting a concept it may be, it just lacks any practicality in my humble opinion.

    • Bob says:

      I failed to mention that it couldn’t serve the purpose of being “discrete” either, since it cannot store the primary weapon inside…