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The BHI Gauer

We happen to love Pinzgauers and Blackheart International owns one. It has accompanied us to the range each day throughout our foreign weapons course, hauling weapons and ammunition to and fro.

Sure, I could have embedded this photo in one of the segments on the training, but this one stands out. A lot of companies own cool guy vehicles but they keep them as show pieces. The BHI Gauer is very much a reflection of the company; it’s a workhorse. As you can see, it gets used regularly.

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3 Responses to “The BHI Gauer”

  1. FLC says:

    Yes The pinzgaur is pretty much the Koolest military passenger vehicle in the world.
    Sold Mine 4 Years ago. wish i had kept it.

  2. Paul says:

    Saw one of those at a local used car dealer about 3 years ago. Ran great. The guy only wanted $5000 for it. Not sure he realized what he had.

    I was flush post-deployment and could have paid cash, but my wife had a fit about getting it.

    It was gone off the lot about 3 days after I first saw it.

    Still regret not buying it then and dealing with my wife’s objections later.

  3. John M. Denny says:

    I love these trucks! Almost got one 5yrs ago, but was out-bid. Someday I’ll save up for another. I would definitely use it, they were made to be used 🙂