Jedburgh Pack

Designed by a Veteran SF NCO and PMC, the Jedburgh Pack from Bad Company Tactical is named for the OSS Teams of World War II. It is a semi-rigid design intended to be worn primarily with armor thanks to removable plastic inserts and aluminum shims. The aluminum shim can be bent to your body’s or equipment’s contours. Additionally, the pack itself is no wider than your back and you can run your comms wires, hydration hoses, antennas etc through the left, right or middle of the of the top of the pack.

The shoulder straps feature four points of adjustment and actually get longer at the top so that you don’t have buckles clear up at your nipple level when wearing armor. To this end, they are also thin and narrow in order to reduce bulk. Manufactured from 500D Curdura, this pack is Berry compliant.


One Response to “Jedburgh Pack”

  1. Jim says:

    Jedburgh teams were joint SOE/OSS teams. Just for info.