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Sneak Peek –  Nathan Hale Leather Series from Bad Company Tactical

Tuesday, October 18th, 2016

Here’s a sneak peek of the upcoming Nathan Hale series of gunleather from Bad Company Tactical.





Bad Company Tactical Launches New Site and Gives SSD a Look at Some New Items

Thursday, March 13th, 2014

BCT Home Page

In addition to a new website with improved navigation, Bad Company Tactical has introduced two new 18 series holsters; the Chapman and Curreri. We have some info on the Curreri.



The Curreri holster is named in remembrance of SSG J. Curreri of 1st Special Forces Group. It is a standard concealment holster that can be placed inside or outside the waistband and is based on the “less is more” approach with its’ simple design and level 1 retention.

During a recent trip to San Antonio we met with Toby Melville and he showed us a few other items.

Fitted Universal Guard

BCT Fitted Universal Cover

Made from Kydex, the Universal Fitted Trigger Guard accepts a pistols fitted with the R2S Pistol Adapter. It is make and model specific for pistol and light as well as specific for either right or left handed users.

Rifle Rail Adapters

BCT Rifle Rail Adapter

These Picatinny compatible R2S Rifle Rail Adapters come in two sizes, Regular and Long. Designed to support up to 200 lbs, these can be reversed Left or Right and the dovetail design slips right into the baseplate which can be attached to a load carriage platform or vehicle for transport, or a wall for storage.

Utility Adapters

Bad Company Tactical (12)

Offered in both Vertical and Horizontal (seen above) models, BCT’s R2S Utility Adapters bring the dovetail attachment to other equipment than just small arms. You can use heavy duty zip ties to attach the Utility Adapter to your gear and mount the baseplate virtually anywhere. In the case below, it’s bolt cutters and Halligan Tool attached to a Jedburgh assault pack but, the applications are limited solely by your imagination.

Bad Company Tactical – R2S

Wednesday, December 25th, 2013

Montesquieu Mag Rack from Bad Company Tactical

Monday, September 30th, 2013

When Bad Company Tactical introduced their Rapid Retention System (R2S), using it to carry pistols was just the beginning. Inventor Toby Melville quickly realized he could use the system for a variety of equipment, including magazines. In fact, you may remember this photo from back in April that was the first photo out there of this application of the RS2.


The photo shows a Kydex mag pouch array. It’s called the Montesquieu Mag Rack (MMR) and according to BCT, it allows you to swap out the mag pouch from the backer with the touch of a button.


As you can see, BCT has already developed Kydex mag carriers for several different weapons including the SCAR-Heavy.

In development since 2011, this is the fourth design iteration to get them where they are. With this latest edition, you have the choice to run it alone or linked together with other panels. You can also chose if you want to run the R2S, Blade-Tech’s quick release system, PALS, or Velcro panels. The belt, chest rig, and plate carriers are all mutually supportive and the system is compatible with Sight Industries’ new belt system.


Here are some photos of inventor Melville using the MMR downrange.

I asked Melville about the name. It was vaguely familiar but I couldn’t put my finger on it. He explains here:

Baron Montesquieu was a French noble that pioneered modern government with his views and studies. He was the most frequently quoted author by the founding fathers and essentially invented the idea of the separation of powers to balance government. In honor of him and his ideas of a diverse and flexible system of governing, I too have developed a system that is flexible and is not only a separation but a combining of powers to create the most innovative and useable system available. Now you the user can use BCT, BladeTech, Sight Industries (DSG Arms), MOLLE, Velcro, and soon I plan to integrate Safariland and G-Code. This not only helps the end user BUT helps the sales of my competitors in a spirit of support for small business. This is my gift to all.

There is a lot of work being done on polymer magazine carriers as well as on new modularity systems. There’s no doubt that these are definitely going to have their place in the market.

Bad Company Tactical

Tuesday, April 16th, 2013

Adams Industries shared this photo of some of their kit being used in conjunction with a Bad Company Tactical R2S.


The Adams Ind gear includes a SENTINEL, an AI Surface ANVIS Mount (SAM), and an AI battery pack (AGWBP).

Bad Company Tactical R2S

Monday, June 18th, 2012

Bad Company Tactical has developed an innovative alternative to the traditional holstering of weapons. The Rapid Retention System or “R2S” is a modular weapon retention system that allows the shooter to retain and deploy a weapon rapidly and safely, and is currently offered in pistol and universal variants. Bad Company Tactical has developed a couple of options to deal with the exposed trigger guard such as the shroud seen in the photos.

It’s simple to use. You modify your firearm by attaching a Mil Std 1913 mounting plate to your rail which is made from 6064 T6 aircraft grade aluminum. It features the male portion of a tongue and groove system. To secure your weapon you slide the male portion of the R2S into place on the base and the angled, funnel shape guides it home. Interestingly, the inventor has related to SSD that the weakside thumb can rest on the attachment providing greater control of the sidearm. It’s also a great option for pistols with suppressors and incorporates a level two locking system to secure the rail and dovetail adapter to the base plate.

The Universal mount is designed to interface with rifles, shotguns, submachine guns, mechanical breaching tools, radios, etc. It works in much the same way and can be used to secure weapons and equipment in a variety of environments such as to packs and load bearing gear as well as vehicles or covert storage that requires rapid access.

These are still built in low rate production and funded by a guy currently on the job overseas so don’t go crying about price. This isn’t something you are going to pick up down at the local big box. He’s looking at alternative materials including kydex, carbon fiber, steel, titanium and plastics but each of those have their pluses and minuses in both cost and performance. Available in O.D. Green, Dark Earth Brown, and Black.

Jedburgh Pack

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

Designed by a Veteran SF NCO and PMC, the Jedburgh Pack from Bad Company Tactical is named for the OSS Teams of World War II. It is a semi-rigid design intended to be worn primarily with armor thanks to removable plastic inserts and aluminum shims. The aluminum shim can be bent to your body’s or equipment’s contours. Additionally, the pack itself is no wider than your back and you can run your comms wires, hydration hoses, antennas etc through the left, right or middle of the of the top of the pack.

The shoulder straps feature four points of adjustment and actually get longer at the top so that you don’t have buckles clear up at your nipple level when wearing armor. To this end, they are also thin and narrow in order to reduce bulk. Manufactured from 500D Curdura, this pack is Berry compliant.