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Bad Company Tactical R2S

Bad Company Tactical has developed an innovative alternative to the traditional holstering of weapons. The Rapid Retention System or “R2S” is a modular weapon retention system that allows the shooter to retain and deploy a weapon rapidly and safely, and is currently offered in pistol and universal variants. Bad Company Tactical has developed a couple of options to deal with the exposed trigger guard such as the shroud seen in the photos.

It’s simple to use. You modify your firearm by attaching a Mil Std 1913 mounting plate to your rail which is made from 6064 T6 aircraft grade aluminum. It features the male portion of a tongue and groove system. To secure your weapon you slide the male portion of the R2S into place on the base and the angled, funnel shape guides it home. Interestingly, the inventor has related to SSD that the weakside thumb can rest on the attachment providing greater control of the sidearm. It’s also a great option for pistols with suppressors and incorporates a level two locking system to secure the rail and dovetail adapter to the base plate.

The Universal mount is designed to interface with rifles, shotguns, submachine guns, mechanical breaching tools, radios, etc. It works in much the same way and can be used to secure weapons and equipment in a variety of environments such as to packs and load bearing gear as well as vehicles or covert storage that requires rapid access.

These are still built in low rate production and funded by a guy currently on the job overseas so don’t go crying about price. This isn’t something you are going to pick up down at the local big box. He’s looking at alternative materials including kydex, carbon fiber, steel, titanium and plastics but each of those have their pluses and minuses in both cost and performance. Available in O.D. Green, Dark Earth Brown, and Black.



6 Responses to “Bad Company Tactical R2S”

  1. Ben Branam says:

    That is the most expensive holster I’ve ever seen! But it’s a great concept and would love to see some improvements to the trigger cover. I would love to try one and am watching to see what this guy designes in the future.

  2. Mikeman says:

    Different look, but in terms of the minimalist holster I’ll just stick with the Raven Concealment Vanguard 2 holster

    • SSD says:

      A Vanguard II is entirely different beast. You’re fixating on the trigger shroud. The heart of the R2S is how it holds the weapon secure.

  3. Pete says:

    Very interesting concept.
    Looks like it’s going to move the controls of mounted light/laser out of reach for trigger finger and support thumb. The optional kydex trigger guard seems to be in the way for a full grip before it slide off. Nice rig if not running light/laser.

  4. Thomas C. says:

    I’ve tried the system out and it works as advertised. It is very well built and the release is smooth as glass. For what it does, there is no equivalent.

  5. The R2S is the only system that allows for left and right handed use on one system. It is the only system that also allows you to run a suppressor on the fire arm while at the same allowing for rapid and fast draw of the fire arm. You can run virtually any light source with a suppressor and even an optic and not affect the draw of the pistol. The R2S also allows for a rapid draw with un paralleled speed and smoothness without compromising on security. As for the trigger guard, the trigger cup with lanyard has worked without flaw and is very fast to use once you have practiced for about 15 minutes. There is also a new attachment for the trigger cup underworks and there is also a fixed system as well. This system has been tested and has performed flawlessly. Understand that the R2S is not ment to replace the holster but rather allow professionals options that have not been available before and give unparralleled flexability with your side arm. If you have an further questions or want to see video feed go to our website and email me.