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Bad Company Tactical Launches New Site and Gives SSD a Look at Some New Items

BCT Home Page

In addition to a new website with improved navigation, Bad Company Tactical has introduced two new 18 series holsters; the Chapman and Curreri. We have some info on the Curreri.



The Curreri holster is named in remembrance of SSG J. Curreri of 1st Special Forces Group. It is a standard concealment holster that can be placed inside or outside the waistband and is based on the “less is more” approach with its’ simple design and level 1 retention.

During a recent trip to San Antonio we met with Toby Melville and he showed us a few other items.

Fitted Universal Guard

BCT Fitted Universal Cover

Made from Kydex, the Universal Fitted Trigger Guard accepts a pistols fitted with the R2S Pistol Adapter. It is make and model specific for pistol and light as well as specific for either right or left handed users.

Rifle Rail Adapters

BCT Rifle Rail Adapter

These Picatinny compatible R2S Rifle Rail Adapters come in two sizes, Regular and Long. Designed to support up to 200 lbs, these can be reversed Left or Right and the dovetail design slips right into the baseplate which can be attached to a load carriage platform or vehicle for transport, or a wall for storage.

Utility Adapters

Bad Company Tactical (12)

Offered in both Vertical and Horizontal (seen above) models, BCT’s R2S Utility Adapters bring the dovetail attachment to other equipment than just small arms. You can use heavy duty zip ties to attach the Utility Adapter to your gear and mount the baseplate virtually anywhere. In the case below, it’s bolt cutters and Halligan Tool attached to a Jedburgh assault pack but, the applications are limited solely by your imagination.


3 Responses to “Bad Company Tactical Launches New Site and Gives SSD a Look at Some New Items”

  1. Desert Lizard says:

    Those adapters are fantastic. I’ve been looking for something like these. Thanks!

  2. SpecOpsBunny says:

    Triple aught design shemagh in the second picture.

    “Gold in Peace and Iron in War”

  3. Farhan says:

    Hi. Can I buy the bolt cutter adaptor?