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Softshell Tech – Drac Giveaway

In this final installment of our series on Arc’teryx LEAF’s softshell tech, we are giving one lucky reader a chance to win a set of Drac Jacket and Pant manufactured from Burly Double Weave.

The Drac Jacket is a welcome addition to the LEAF line. It features pit zips and two bicep pockets with Velcro fields for IFF as well as two zippered hand warmer pockets mounted low on the jacket in the traditional fashion. Additionally, the cuffs incorporate die-cut laminated Velcro adjusters.

Burly Double Weave is made for cold weather so you’re getting wind and water resistance along with a generous 4-way stretch. The Drac jacket combines combat jacket styling with a generous cut. The same can be said of the pant. If you’re on the edge between sizes, go down rather than up.

The Drac Pant features an interesting combination of styling and features. It’s as if the Combat Pant and Sphinx Pant had a baby. All of the features of the Sphinx with the stretchy goodness of Burly Double Weave.

You get:
-Two slash hand pockets
-Two rear pockets with angled access
-Two tool pockets with Cordura reinforcement
-Two calf pockets with flaps
-Two cargo pockets with flaps that fit standard rifle magazines and are easy to access from a seated position
-Built-in gaiters
-Ingenious webbing covered kneepad pockets with access points for straps

Both the Drac Jacket and Pant are available in Crocodile as well as Wolf sizes Small – XXLarge.

At the request of Arc’teryx, this giveaway is restricted to MIL/LEO. For your chance to win, in the comments section of this posting on SSD, tell us how you learned about Arc’teryx LEAF and how long you’ve known about the LEAF program. Use your real email address to enter because that is how you will be contacted in case you win. You may use a civilian email address to enter but official email addresses are preferred. The winning email address is the only one that will be shared and that is with Arc’teryx to arrange for your prize. If you use a civilian email address it will certainly delay your prize due to verification and if you cannot be satisfactorily verified we will choose another winner. Your posting may have to be approved so be patient of it doesn’t show right up. Only one entry per person. The contest closes at 0001 GMT, 2 June, 2012. At that point, SSD will randomly draw a winner from the entries. We will then pass the name and email address of the winner to the Arc’teryx LEAF team and they will contact the winner and arrange shipment.

Void where prohibited.


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228 Responses to “Softshell Tech – Drac Giveaway

  1. Daniel Holder says:

    I actually heard about Arc’teryx LEAF and the LEAF program here on SSD. I have been following this blog for around a year now while I have been serving in the IDF as a way to stay current with what is going on in the military world. So I guess I can say that I have known about the program for a year or so.

  2. Gabe says:

    Heard about the LEAF system a couple of years ago from guys that I work with and they had nothing but good things to say. So I’ve known about it for at least 3 years I would say.

  3. MannyF says:

    I learned about Arc’teryx on another website (Military Morons) back in 2009 and learned the LEAF program here on SSD sometime late in the same year.

  4. Austin Hicks says:

    I have know about the LEAF program for about two years now…thanks

  5. Mark says:

    I first learned of the LEAF line through posts on a web forum, Lightfighter two years ago. I bought a LEAF combat jacket about a year and a half ago and loved it. I’ve used it for a lot of training in CONUS and it performed so well that I branched out and bought several civilian line Arcteryx items.

  6. Ben says:

    I first learned about the LEAF program from Pat Rogers at a EAG Tactical Carbine school. It was about a year ago and I have been impressed with the line of products.

  7. Zak says:

    Learned about Arc’teryx after taking a shooting class. I thought I had some decent clothing, but I was wrong. Their stuff is top notch and everything I’ve seen is built to the highest standards.

    Hopefully I can win and get a jacket and pair of pants.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  8. John B says:

    I have been using Arc’teryx for a number of years and am very impressed by the quality of their garmets.

  9. Stephan says:

    the first time I got in contact with the LEAF program was last year in Afghanistan. The German distributor had a good discount for soldiers and so I got some Products (Sphinx Pant, Atom LT and AF). Would love to add some wolf colored stuff to the collection

  10. Stephan says:


    the first time I got in contact with the LEAF program was last year in Afghanistan. The German distributor had a good discount for soldiers and so I got some Products (Sphinx Pant, Atom LT and AF). Would love to add some wolf colored stuff to the collection

  11. Bullets says:

    I learned about LEAF from SSD about a year ago. I have loved Arc’teryx from a long time ago when I worked in the outdoor industry. They always made great products.

  12. Scott V says:

    I learned about the Arc’teryx LEAF system here on Soldiersystems about a year or so ago. I have also seen a number of people using various Arc’teryx gear and it looks really nice.

  13. CJ says:

    I have known about Arc’teryx for quite a while being active in outdoor activities, but I first learned about their LEAF program here on SSD when I started following about two years ago. Arc’teryx makes amazing stuff.

  14. Bill Payton says:

    I learned about LEAF right here on SSD about 2 years ago, and had my first encounter with their clothing at Grey Group’s store right outside Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

  15. Joachim says:


    I first learned about the LEAF division about 3 years ago, some of my colleagues had a few items, they rocked. I already had some civ items myself and thought that this is it, I have found my go to clothing brand..excellent stuff…and now Mil items too! I was sold, haven’t looked back since!

  16. craig says:

    I heard about LEAF when my commander’s PSD was sporting some pretty cool new knee pads (2009 – RC East). About the only thing I could afford.

  17. Stick says:

    I found out about the LEAF program through an obscure blog post (which I can’t even find any more) in early 2011 regarding the (then) new H-150 Rigger’s Belt.

  18. Brandon says:

    I heard about Arc’teryx LEAF on some forums when I was looking for TAD Gear reviews probably 2-3 years ago.

  19. Richard says:

    I heard about LEAF from Lightfighter, and now that I am .mil I joined the LEAF program immediately.

  20. Jesse says:

    I have used commercial Arc’teryx gear for years, and learned about LEAF thru a trade rep at work about 2 years ago. It is top notch kit, well designed and thought out with the end user in mind.

  21. Will says:

    I learned about the leaf program through you guys. Stuff looks great. I am probably gonna purchase some of their items in the near future.

  22. Taylor says:

    I was introduced to the LEAF porgram both from an LE training course and through a contact at MARCORSYSCOM. All in all the products integrate very well with tactical equipment and perform.

  23. Vinnie says:

    I heard about Arc’teryx from a couple of friends that instruct backpacking and mountaineering. I learned about the LEAF program from SSD!

  24. Tyler says:

    I first found out about the leaf program through a coworker, that would have been about 2 years ago.

  25. bradley says:

    i learned about it from a friend who is with 2nd recon battallion Scout Snipers, hes a corpsman and wore it when he went to Cold Weather Medicine training in Bridgeport, CA. this stuff is great i borrowed it from him when i was climbing mount shasta.

  26. John says:

    I bought a Combat jacket (sans velcro) and a black Bravo jacket from the good people at Quantico Tactical when they had a big sale on outerwear back in 2008, and looked up the LEAF website after that. I now own a pair of kneecaps, an H-150 rigger’s belt, and an Atom jacket as well. It’s all phenomenal stuff.

  27. Norbert Kahlert says:

    I read about it first on Military Morons and then saw it pop up around the web on various geardo sites

  28. Brian says:

    I learned about LEAF from SSD, last year. Well, SSD and Tactical Distributors.

  29. christopher johnston says:

    I just heard about Arc’teryx and the LEAF program through Tacticalfanboy.

  30. Levi says:

    I found out about leaf about 2 years ago on here. I got a pair of knee caps and love them.

  31. I think I read about it on here three or so years ago. I got a couple packs and a few hats with more on my to buy list.

    Thank you for the chance to win.

  32. Andrew says:

    I learned about the LEAF program on this website about two years ago. Wore a BAC hat in Afghanistan for a year.

  33. John G says:

    Ive known about the LEAF program for quite a while. As regular grunt we dont get the funds to buy the gucci gear, but I sure like to window shop. Being married with 3 kids and another on the way means Ill keep window shopping and entering give aways. Maybe some day, the Army will pay us what we’re worth.

  34. chris says:

    I found out about the LEAF system through a buddy in AFG about a year ago – he said it was an awesome system, I hope to get a chance to prove him right!

  35. David says:

    My friends have told me about arc’teryx about a year ago. LEAF I just read about on here.

  36. Watty says:

    I just learned about the LEAF program today via Breach-Bang-Clear ( http://www.breachbangclear.com. ). Looks amazing.

  37. Dan T says:

    I learned about the LEAF program a year ago from looking at gear sites, trying to find better solutions than issue kit. Thanks for the draw!

  38. Todd says:

    I learned about the LEAF program thru the Lightfighter forum and thru the Leo Adventures program. I have known about the program for about three years if I remember correctly.

  39. Nick says:

    I just heard about leaf through a friend. I am an LEO and I’m always looking for new equipment to try out and use. I’ve been look at some of the items and this has been added to my purchase list!

  40. Steve says:

    I learned about the LEAF program from a discussion thread on Lightfighter a couple years ago. I was surprised to see Arctyrex soliciting feedback from true end users in an open discussion, I haven’t seen other cl

  41. Steve says:

    I’ve known about Arc’teryx from some time now. I learned about the LEAF program from SSD when they showed up on Facebook at the beginning of 2011! And I learned about this giveaway from Breach-Bang-Clear & Tactical Fanboy on Facebook. Thanks for keeping us informed!

  42. Steve C says:

    Heard about the LEAF program from this website. Love this site.

  43. Steve says:

    Bloody hell, cut off my post with my fat thumbs on the phone. Anyway, I haven’t seen other clothing manufacturers take user feedback so seriously.

  44. Andy Wittke says:

    I learned about LEAF from a friend prior to my first OIF trip in my Enlisted days… I bought one of their soft shells (seems like it was about three week’s pay back then), and brought it with me to Base X. It still serves me well to this day, but it reminds me of how much better shape I was in back then–a bit snug around the middle! I’d like to think it shrank in the wash, but we all know that’s not the case! Im guessing it’s about a ten year old soft shell, and still looks new…not so much as a broken zipper, and it’s been all over planet earth!!!

  45. SSG Weakley, Christopher says:

    I actually heard about Arc’teryx LEAF and the LEAF program here on SSD around last june when I PCS’d from 725th OD CO (EOD) at FT Drum to 764th OD CO (EOD). I was looking at gear for my upcoming deployment to Afghanistan( still deployed for a few more months) and I read about your website on Tactical Fanboy. I enjoy all the product reviews that you guys do, makes buying my own personal gear a lot easier but sadly regular units are short on funds and I will have to keep looking at gear that I know I could put to good use.

  46. Bill says:

    I first heard about Arc’teryx LEAF here on SSD about 4 months ago. It’s tough to find the right Arc’teryx LEAF in stock in the right size, let alone the regular Arc’teryx jackets.

  47. Jonas E says:

    Learned of LEAF in the Norwegian army in 2009.
    Some of my friends carried it in Afghanistan, Faryab Province. Tried one during an excersise and was impressed, bought therefore one civilian version for hunting and other wildlife activities.

  48. josh says:

    learned about the brand from the 2012 shotshow and learned about leaf through some military counterparts who prefer the LEAF brand for rugged field use. Standing out in the rain for long periods of time it would be good to have some pro level rain gear. Thanks for this raffle!

  49. Adam says:

    I learned about LEAF here on Soldier Systems last summer. I’ve been lusting after their outerwear ever since. The only Arc’tyrex gear I’ve had the chance to use (ILBE) isn’t exactly great, but fortunately it’s going away.

    • straps says:

      Worth noting that the ILBE is actually MANUFACTURED by a company that economized (to the detriment of the end user, IMHO) on the original design…

  50. Chris says:

    I just recently stumbled upon the LEAF program. I’ve been an Arc’teryx fan for a while, managed to finally save enough to buy one of their jackets for snowboarding and it was stolen a month later. Bummer. But I would love some of this gear, seeing as the stuff they give infantry Marines is usually garbage imitations. Sure could’ve used it when I was freezing my ass off in Afghanistan.