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ARES-16 Small Arms Family Product Overview

We mentioned the ARES -16 family of weapons last year.

The ARES-16 family of small arms is available in 5.56mm and incorporates a Gas-Piston, Short Stroke Tappet operating system. Actually, to configure the various weapons, the ARES-16 relies on different upper and lower receivers. These combinations allow the user to configure the weapon as:

-Assault Rifle
-Designated Marksman Rifle
-Magazine-Fed Assault Machine Gun
-Belt-Fed Assault Machine Gun
-Dual-Feed Assault Machine Gun
-Belt-Fed Mounted Light Machine Gun



One Response to “ARES-16 Small Arms Family Product Overview”

  1. Kurt says:

    Riiiiight….so this will be advertised in 2012 and available, maybe, in 2021. Do I dare even mention the ARES “SHRIKE” circa 2002…that was what, NINE years from initial deposits from customers… to the first delivery, and they still haven’t sent guns to everyone…who would buy from this outfit ??