F’Ning Bottle Opener by Battle Mug


If you’re looking for the perfect companion to your Battle Mug then consider the F’Ning Bottle Opener. This M4 flash hider inspired bottle opener is Made from 4140 Pre-Hardened Mil-Spec quality Steel is Phosphate coated. Made in USA! With free shipping. No overseas orders, make sure you read their fine print.


6 Responses to “F’Ning Bottle Opener by Battle Mug”

  1. Pity they won’t ship overseas. I guess not everyone is onboard with the friends and allies bit.

  2. BimmerFreak says:


    *ITAR regs prohibit overseas shipping since it’s a flashhider.

  3. Todd Camper says:

    What next the suppressor Slurpee straw ?

  4. threeseven says:

    I wonder which part of it is considered to be an actual flash-hider. Shame they couldn’t leave the bottom section solid instead of threading it or something like that. Stay tuned for plastic soft drink bottles and duct tape to hit the ITAR list.

    • AttackBlue1 says:

      I’m sure the ITAR nutbags will end up having a field day with this as well as the .50 Cal round bottle opener. “But wait!? How are we confirming that the person ordering it is a US National? We need to verify the use-case scenario for each person that orders one! They could take it with them and if we don’t label the bejeezus out of it we could be responsible if they open a bottle of beer in China with it! They could reverse engineer the design! They could modify it to be an actual flash hider! Has anyone tested this to see if it is an improvement to the existing systems?! What about IP violations?!”. Ugh. It’s a bottle opener, and we should use it to crack the skulls of the ITAR masters.