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Mayflower Baby Carrier


Mayflower Research & Consulting LLC has made a few of these baby carriers for friends. Now, they’re considering doing a low number production run. Who’s in?



56 Responses to “Mayflower Baby Carrier”

  1. gregory says:

    I’d take one

  2. Ghost1213 says:

    I’d take one. I got a baby coming in February

  3. Nick Pacific says:

    If they come in marpat

  4. Scott says:

    I’d take one, strollers suck!

  5. Michael Seul says:

    i´ll take at least 3

  6. Robert says:

    I would buy one.

  7. Patrick says:

    Put me Down

  8. Ville says:

    I’d have use for one in MC or A-TACS FG for sure

  9. DGR says:

    Possibly the coolest thing I have ever seen! I dont even have a baby, but id buy em for friends……

  10. Travis says:

    So long as it’s able run stand-alone and lock into pack straps and is as reliable as a Kifaru, I’d pay up to $300.

  11. Eric says:

    I’m in for one. The baby store carriers don’t fit and are just china crap anyway.

  12. GHL says:

    I’d take at least one…

  13. Sam says:

    We’d take 2. Agree with others would be nice if there was different options for the different services patterns. if not them maybe a standard black. if not we would still order one for sure

  14. Gear Guy says:

    I’d be down for one.

  15. Brian says:

    I’d take one. Have a baby due in July.

  16. Cam says:

    Surprised someone isn’t offering them already. Would definitely get one.

  17. Lake Culpepper says:

    I am down for one!

  18. Will says:

    Damn straight I want one!

  19. Taylor Nelson says:

    Im down for one! Definitely much better than a moby wrap!

  20. Darrell says:

    I’m in! Let’s make this happen.

  21. Tom says:

    I’m in.

  22. Trango says:

    I’d be in for one if they can keep the price point below $75 and it has a front facing config.

  23. AUgrunt says:

    yep , As a soon to be dad I need this!!

  24. Anthony says:

    I’d take one.

  25. Iaian says:

    I’m in! I have 6 kids who could use it!!!

  26. Charlie says:

    Down for two
    A new grand niece and a small town friend’s daughter coming this week.
    Being picky, A-TACS would work best.

  27. jason says:

    gimme gimme, please

  28. Pat says:

    I’m in! Perfect timing, too!

  29. George says:

    Price and overseas shipping would be nice to know, but I’d like one!

  30. Im in for one in any OTHER color than Multicam.

    We’re due in November for our first.

  31. Thomas says:

    I’d definitely buy one to use with my son

  32. Fish says:

    Heck yes! I got one on the way in December.

  33. Tech Moron says:

    Yes, I want one !

  34. Rock says:

    Sign me up. Have one on the way in less than a month. Expedited production, please.

  35. Tyler says:

    I’m in! Hope it happens soon! I’ve got a 3 month old right now, but if she’s too big before these are produced then i’ll just save it for my next one.

  36. Michelle Carr says:

    I have a 7 week old. I NEED one! Put me down for one. My ex Army husband will be happy to carry her in it!

  37. Evan says:

    yes please!

  38. Terrance Peterson says:

    I’d buy one; baby inbound NOV 2012!

  39. deadcat says:

    I’m in. We have an Ergo carrier right now, but i hate it cause it has stars on it lmao.

  40. TM says:

    A Multicam condom would be more convenient…

  41. Robbie says:

    My nephew is 20 days old, and I would love to buy one for my brother; as he would love it. My brother would surely show it off to his service mates (whom several have young babies too) and you’d have a half dozen more sold immediately. There may be a decent market for them as there are always many young military aged males whom are just starting families of their own.

  42. Gator6 says:

    A must have! I want one in ranger green!

  43. Whokka says:

    In! Man friendly multicam papoosk!! Finally!! To go with my little girls custom MC shoes bib and bonnet courtesy of magnum!!!

  44. NinjaMedic says:

    I would buy 4!!!!

  45. Scott says:

    I’ve been wishing for one of these since nov, when I found out my wife is prego and due in aug. I would for sure buy one.

  46. James says:

    I’ll take one for sure. I can’t find enough tactical baby stuff

  47. Gary says:

    I’d get some for friends for sure

  48. Jack says:

    One for my daughter!

  49. Alexander says:

    YES! Babies due in January!

  50. Matt says:

    Absolutely; at least one for me!