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Revision Military Announces Purchase of MSA’s North American Helmet Business

Remember way back at the end of March when we told you that MSA was selling their Vermont-based helmet business to someone? Well, we’ve been sitting on our hand for months waiting to tell you that it was Revision all along. Its odd that they announced something this big after 5PM on a Friday. That’s why you’re reading it Saturday. Doesn’t matter who ought it, MSA was smart to unload it. That factory manufactures aramid helmets and both Army and Marine Corps are moving toward polyethylene helmets for the future.

Revision Military has announced the purchase of MSA’s North American ballistic helmet business. The purchase includes the acquisition of MSA’s U.S.-based helmet manufacturing equipment and operations located in Newport, Vermont. The former MSA facility, which specializes in large-scale production of aramid helmets for military and law enforcement, is a complement to Revision’s existing Composite Center of Excellence which outputs highly-specialized, polyethylene composite helmet shells. Having both manufacturing capabilities will enable Revision to meet current aramid helmet program requirements while also aiding customers in their quest for lighter weight, higher performance head protection solutions.

“MSA has proven itself to be a trusted helmet supplier to the U.S. Army with the right people and the right facilities to deliver first-rate, best-value helmet shells,” said Jonathan Blanshay, CEO of Revision. “We are pleased to welcome the approximately 45 Newport-based employees to the Revision family as we expand our offering of leading-edge soldier systems equipment to military customers worldwide.”

Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont commented: “Revision Military has proven they know how to design, manufacture and deliver state-of-the-art soldier protective systems for customers across the globe. I am pleased to see a firm with such skill and experience taking over helmet production for our American soldiers and soldiers across the globe.”

Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin shared in the enthusiasm over Revision’s purchase of the North American helmet manufacturing facility: “This is great news for the city of Newport and the state of Vermont, adding jobs and strengthening the economy. Most importantly, Revision’s announcement is important for our soldiers, who depend on Revision products to keep them safe in the line of duty. We look forward to a continued strong partnership with Jonathan Blanshay and Revision Military.”

Revision has committed orders from the US Army to deliver approximately 100,000 helmets over the 12 months following the acquisition. Additionally, Revision will fulfill the balance of an outstanding contract for 6,000 CG634 helmets to the Canadian DND while continuing to develop current and future helmet business with law enforcement agencies.

This acquisition, coupled with Revision’s extensive international experience is expected to be instrumental in meeting demands for aramid helmets on a global scale. Importantly, being able to manufacture and deliver ACH helmets—the platform upon which Revision’s Batlskin Modular Head Protection System is carried—will allow Revision to deliver completely integrated and fully modular head and face protection packages to its North American and global customers.


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2 Responses to “Revision Military Announces Purchase of MSA’s North American Helmet Business”

  1. Alex says:

    They’re still making CG634 helmets? That’s sounds great to me, I am not looking forward to the prototype 3 piece helmet design that SSD featured a while ago…

    • SSD says:

      For Revision, Batlskin is the future. Fortunately for them, they now have both an aramid and PE production capability.