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BPS Sanitized Softshell Cap – MultiCam

Black Palm Syndicate has introduced a ‘sanitized’ version of their popular MultiCam softshell ballcap. Treated with Schoeller Nanosphere to keep out the weather, they’ve left out the Velcro field on the front and streamlined the crown just a little. This FlexFit cap is offered in Small/Medium and Large/XLarge.

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One Response to “BPS Sanitized Softshell Cap – MultiCam”

  1. Riceball says:

    Pretty smart of them to make a tactical cap w/o the velcro, I bet these will sell well to civies and former military who want that tactical look but without looking overly mall ninja like with the velcro panels. However, I could do without the foil sticker/label, I can just see some punk kids running wearing one of these with the sticker still on it because they think it’s cool and it’s the hip think to do.