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Forces Focus – USMC and UK Jump Ops

Marines and Sailors from 1st and 3rd Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Companies conducted a live jump with members of the British Army’s 148th Forward Observer Battery (Commando) at Edwards Air Force Base, CA, on June 15th. Years ago, when I was in the Army I went drinking with some of the members of the 148th when they and I were, by happenstance, all at Camp Lejeune on TDY. It resulted in one of the most epic hangovers of my life. The dive trip I took the next day at Topsail Beach basically sucked but I must say, those boys could hold their liquor and were some really great guys.

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2 Responses to “Forces Focus – USMC and UK Jump Ops”

  1. Old Goat Patrol says:

    Skydivers know why the birds sing.
    They don’t have to pack.

  2. Jim Berlin says:

    I like your mind, brother. Best of luck and warmest regards.