Emdom-MM 308 Immediate Access Pouch


The 308 IAP is a MOLLE compatible, low profile, truly open-top magazine pouch designed for most .308 rifle magazines. The 308 IAP offers multi-level mounting (high, medium, low) on a belt / MOLLE platform. The 308 IAP fits FN FAL, M14 / M1A, Magpul PMAG 20LR, SCAR 17 (heavy), KAC SR-25 and other similar magazines. Note – It will not fit HK91 magazines.


I think open tops are great, so long as they provide for retention. With the IAP series of pouches, EMDOM offers tripe redundancy.

1) There is a 1.5” wide elastic sewn around the outside of the 308 IAP, providing the main elastic retention.
2) The inner surface of the back panel is lined with Hypalon (rubber coated material) which provides frictional retention between the magazine and the back panel.
3) A thin layer of foam is sandwiched inside the back panel. When the magazine is inserted, the foam is compressed, and pushes back on the magazine, providing additional frictional retention.


Available in Black, Coyote, MultiCam and Sewer Green.

Buy yours from EMDOM.

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