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Emdom/MM Large GPS Pouch

Tuesday, December 6th, 2016

Emdom USA’s Large GPS Pouch is a collaboration with Military Morons. It is designed to carry the Garmin Montana series of GPS units, but will naturally for a wide variety of other gear such as cameras, mobile devices, radios, etc.

-Dimensions: 6″ tall x 3.5″ wide x 2″ deep
-Weight: 4 oz.
-2 x short and 2 x long MALICE clip included.
-MOLLE/PALS compatible.
-Mountable to shoulder straps on a pack, belt, or webbing up to 3” wide.
-Can be mounted vertically or horizontally.
-Designed for the Garmin Montana series.
-Will accommodate other GPS units of similar or smaller size.
-Can be used similarly sized devices: smart phones, digital music players, digital cameras, two-way radios, etc.
-GPS unit can be viewed and operated without removing it from the pouch.
-HDPE plastic sheet stiffener in front and rear panel.
-Front panel features thin layer of EVA foam padding.
-Dual zipper clamshell opening.
-Opening angle is adjustable via internal length of 550 paracord.
-Can be left open for hands free GPS monitoring.
-GPS unit retained internally by two One Wrap Velcro straps secured to a hook Velcro backer.
-Velcro backer and straps secure GPS unit to loop Velcro lining of front panel.
-Velcro backed retention allows GPS unit to be removed and replaced quick and easily.
-Antenna opening features overlapping elastic allowing GPS unit antenna to protrude.
-Antenna opening also allows pass through of headphones or other wires.
-Drainage grommet for water, sand, etc.
-Backed by Emdom USA lifetime warranty.

Offered in a wide variety of colors amd patterns. To order, visit

Emdom – Baker Street Bag

Wednesday, November 9th, 2016

As soon as I saw the Baker Street Bag from Emdom I thought, “Mussette Bag” and it turns out I was right. After some inspiration from “Frank”, they designed it as a modern interpretation of the US 1936 M36 Musette Bag. If you’re not familiar with this WWII icon, it can be seen in a backpack configuration in the series “Band of Brothers” and in sling bag configuration in the movie “Fury”. 

The Emdom Baker Street Bag is designed with tons of internal organization capability, making it multipurpose as an everyday carry, range, or bail out bag.

Approximate dimensions: 12″ tall x 12” wide x 5” thick
Approximate weight: 2lbs 9oz

Available in MultiCam, Black, Coyote, Foliage Green, SDI Grey and Sewer Green.

EMDOM – Universal Pistol Magazine Pouch

Thursday, June 25th, 2015


EMDOM’s Universal Pistol Magazine Pouch is designed to hold virtually any pistol magazine, as well a wide selection of multitools, knives, and flashlights. Manufactured of 1000D nylon, the pouch features an interior lined with hypalon, a foam insert in the mounting platform to create a standoff of the inserted magazine, and one level of elastic cord retention. The opening of the pouch is fixed, and won’t collapse. The Universal Pistol Magazine Pouch is PALS-compatible and can mount to webbing or belts up to 2.75″ wide.

Available in Black, “Coyoteish 1000D”, Foliage Green, MultiCam, SDU Grey, Sewer Green, and a variety of custom colors.

OP Tactical Now Carrying EMDOM’s Universal Rifle Magazine Pouch

Friday, April 17th, 2015


OP Tactical is now carrying the ENDOM Universal Rifle Magazine Pouch.

Emdom’s Universal Rifle Magazine Pouch is designed to hold nearly any rifle magazine of various capacities. It utilizes elastic loops which are fully user adjustable and replaceable, as well as a foam insert which provides tension and an internal hypalon lining for additional retention. The Universal Rifle Magazine Pouch is MOLLE/PALS compatible, and comes with two MALICE clips.


Available in MultiCam, Coyote, and Green.

Emdom-MM 308 Immediate Access Pouch

Sunday, July 15th, 2012


The 308 IAP is a MOLLE compatible, low profile, truly open-top magazine pouch designed for most .308 rifle magazines. The 308 IAP offers multi-level mounting (high, medium, low) on a belt / MOLLE platform. The 308 IAP fits FN FAL, M14 / M1A, Magpul PMAG 20LR, SCAR 17 (heavy), KAC SR-25 and other similar magazines. Note – It will not fit HK91 magazines.


I think open tops are great, so long as they provide for retention. With the IAP series of pouches, EMDOM offers tripe redundancy.

1) There is a 1.5” wide elastic sewn around the outside of the 308 IAP, providing the main elastic retention.
2) The inner surface of the back panel is lined with Hypalon (rubber coated material) which provides frictional retention between the magazine and the back panel.
3) A thin layer of foam is sandwiched inside the back panel. When the magazine is inserted, the foam is compressed, and pushes back on the magazine, providing additional frictional retention.


Available in Black, Coyote, MultiCam and Sewer Green.

Buy yours from EMDOM.

EMDOM-MM Dump Pouch

Friday, June 19th, 2009

Military Morons has developed a new fixed dump pouch in conjunction with EMDOM USA. It is of medium volume and features a stiffened rim. Designed to affix to belts via two Tactical Tailor MALICE Clips, the drop panel is also stiffened.

The EMDOM-MM Dump Pouch

The pouch has ample room to accommodate M4 as well as AK series magazines. Additionally, two pleats along the body allow for expansion. Finally, the detachable half cover allows mags to go in but keeps them from coming out.

Dump Pouch accommodates M4 as well as AK mags

As you can see from the graphic below, the dump pouch is available in a variety of colors, some of which are a little non-traditional. For an excellent write up by the designer including numerous photos, visit

MM Dump Pouch Colors

The EMDOM-MM Dump Pouch is available from EMDOM USA.

MM & EMDOM’s New KitMat

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

When rolled the KitMat takes up no more space than an issue GI cleaning kit but offers so much more. When unfolded, the KitMat integrates two pouches for maintenance tools, a cleaning mat and an innovative feature to secure small parts during maintenance to ensure they won’t be misplaced. The mat measures 24″ x 19″ and the entire KitMat is manufactured from 1000D Cordura. At one end are two pouches for cleaning tools as well as the Velcro parts retention area. At the other end is an elastic cord used to secure the KitMat for storage.

E-MM KitMat
As you can see, when rolled up for stowage, the KitMat is just a little larger than a 30 round magazine.

E-MM KitMat
Unlike other cleaning kits, it has an integral cleaning mat. You don’t always have the advantage of a clean table or workbench to clean your weapon so this feature is much appreciated.

E-MM KitMat
The KitMat has an ingenious feature that secures small parts under strips of Velcro.

The KitMat is a well thought out addition to any shooters range bag and available in UCP, Foliage Green, Black, and Sewer Green. However, I personally would not recommend the Black as so many weapon parts are also Black and any advantage the cleaning mat offers in keeping track of your parts will be offset by the lack of contrast. To order contact EMDOM.

Pictures courtesy of Emdom.

MM / Emdom Collaborate on Ammo SAC

Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

Emdom USA

Conceived by MM, he wanted an alternative to both wasteful ammunition packaging of cardboard and foam as well as the GI ammo can so he came up with the Ammo SAC (Soft Ammo Can). Many shooters carry boxed ammo to the range and then have to deal with all of the trash amassed as ammo is broken down. On many ranges there are no accommodations for trash and what you pack in, you have to pack out. The most common alternative is the surplus ammo can which is handy, but is made of metal and the loose rounds rattle around inside. The other down side is that they take up a lot of storage space when not being used. The Ammo SAC on the other hand, is a handy way to organize and transport loose rounds and it folds flat for storage.


Many shooters already use a variety of improvised methods to carry loose ammo, but they are often expedient solutions and fall apart after a couple of uses. The Ammo Sac’s body is manufactured from 500D Cordura to keep down weight and the bottom is reinforced with 1000D Cordura. It also features wrap around handles, a tuck away flap and drawstring to keep the contents inside where they belong, and a small pocket with clear window on the side to carry a loading device as well as a label.


The Ammo SAC is currently available in two sizes, the large measures approximately 8.5″ long x 6.5″ wide x 7.5″ tall and has room for the contents of a large .50 cal ammo can (11.5″ x 7″ x 6″), or at least 1000 rounds of 5.56 mm and the small Ammo SAC measures approximately 7″ long x 5″ wide x 6″ tall. It can hold the contents of a standard .30 cal ammo can (10″ x 7″ x 3″), or at least 750 rounds of 5.56 mm.

The Ammo SAC is available in Coyote Brown, and Foliage Green.

A write up by the inventor can be found at here.

The Ammo SAC is available from Emdom.

Photos courtesy of EMDOM USA.