Lowa Zephyr Mk2 GTX

EMDOM – Universal Pistol Magazine Pouch


EMDOM’s Universal Pistol Magazine Pouch is designed to hold virtually any pistol magazine, as well a wide selection of multitools, knives, and flashlights. Manufactured of 1000D nylon, the pouch features an interior lined with hypalon, a foam insert in the mounting platform to create a standoff of the inserted magazine, and one level of elastic cord retention. The opening of the pouch is fixed, and won’t collapse. The Universal Pistol Magazine Pouch is PALS-compatible and can mount to webbing or belts up to 2.75″ wide.

Available in Black, “Coyoteish 1000D”, Foliage Green, MultiCam, SDU Grey, Sewer Green, and a variety of custom colors.



6 Responses to “EMDOM – Universal Pistol Magazine Pouch”

  1. Kaoskydex says:

    Wait for it……. Somebody will be along soon to compare it to a taco and that its a ripoff of every other company.

    Anyway, great looking product from a great company.

    • mike says:

      I was waiting for it too.

      Looks like a solid product, I guess that’s why no comments?

    • Ben says:

      And naturally, someone will find a way to sneak a jab against Military Morons……

      • mike says:

        An ellipsis has exactly three periods, FWIW. I’m pretty sure Blake was talking about the user base here and their comments, but if the shoe fits…

      • MM says:

        I wasn’t involved in the design of this nor the universal rifle pouch. It works well, though.

  2. Contractor says:

    I was also waiting for it too. Extremely disappointed.