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Sentinel Design GLOCK Magazine Well

Sentinel Design has just finalized the design on their GLOCK Magazine Well. Aftermarket GLOCK magazine wells are nothing new, but this is the first design to the market that is easily concealable, allows you to strip a stuck factory magazine, and allows for use of the factory baseplates. Many popular designs do not allow the shooter to positively seat a magazine with factory GLOCK baseplates, they can add almost two inches of width and an inch of height to the base of the pistol, and many significantly increase the weight of the gun. These can be desirable for the competition arena, but Sentinel owner Clint Lynch wanted to develop a product for duty, tactical, and concealed carry use. Machined from solid aluminum and Type III hard anodized, the Sentinel mag well brings the benefits of larger, heavier versions to the user who carries their gun full-time. It is sized to fit full-size Gen 2/3 guns to include the 17, 22, 31, 34, 35, 24, and 17L. Variants for the GLOCK 19 and 23 as well as Gen 4 guns are in the design stage as well.

In addition to the flat factory GLOCK baseplates, Sentinel’s design is compatible with factory GLOCK +2 baseplates and copies, Arredondo +2 and +5 extensions, Magpul Speedplates, as well as Dawson Precision’s excellent extended tool-less magazine extensions and Ez-Off baseplates. Others may fit as well and ongoing testing is being conducted by Sentinel’s R&D staff. Pricing is still being finalized, look for them to hit the shelves at Austere Provisions Company and other fine retailers at the beginning of September.

Check out www.facebook.com/pages/Sentinel-Design-LLC on Facebook for updates.

Jon Canipe served on Active Duty with the US Army as a Special Forces Weapons Sergeant at 5th SFG(A) and was a Senior Instructor at the JFKSWCS, training SFQC students in planning, unconventional warfare, small unit tactics, CQB, and advanced marksmanship. He is a veteran of multiple combat tours, and still serves in the Army National Guard’s 20th SFG(A) in addition to working as an industry consultant and small arms instructor.

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8 Responses to “Sentinel Design GLOCK Magazine Well”

  1. trvsmcdowell says:

    I’m guessing you can not use with LAV base plates…

  2. Haji says:

    Clint’s gonna end up costing me a ton of money in the next couple years.

  3. Rob K says:

    Maybe I’m missing something: “allows you to strip a stuck factory magazine”.. how is this enabled, when the mag well covers part of the floor plate? Regardless, glad to see more kit coming out of Sentinel.

  4. Jon C. says:

    You can still strip them from the front with another mags baseplate, a knife or multitool, or your pocket/holster

  5. Suburban says:

    Can you round off the bottom rear corner? Sort of like one of those bobtail 1911s.