Deceptex Hits 350 Pattern Mark

Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corporation’s print on demand Deceptex program has hit the 350 pattern threshold by adding the new Love, Nan, Oboe and Peter series.

Look for sales to begin in August.

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3 Responses to “Deceptex Hits 350 Pattern Mark”

  1. M5 says:

    Looks quite a bit like Pencott greenzone to me.

    Anyway, the print-on-demand fabric offering is pretty cool for carefully choosing the camouflage for a very specific environment. The big but is that Deceptex is specifically made *not* to work at NIR. Is this stuff intended for airsoft kids or what?! As such, Deceptex definitively is not a serious soldier system. Pity.

    Hyperstealth does offer military ‘print-on-demand’ camo – Ghostex – but this seems to be exclusively for ‘Qualified agencies and groups’ – whatever those might be. And there are much fewer patterns than in the Deceptex line.

    And no. NIR camouflage isn’t fancy secret stuff. Anyone can buy it dirt cheap as surplus. Just not in the multitude of advanced patterns and color palettes as Deceptex. So, really, what’s the point in not making it NIR compatible?

    Another issue is whether Deceptex fabrics will be offered by the yard, or only as BDU/ACU-like uniforms assembled by ICE. Small-run specialized camouflage would make a lot more sense for making custom uniforms and kit. Ideally, a number of advanced fabrics and webbing would be offered.

    Besides, the cut of a BDU or ACU shirt is far from ideal for camouflaging purposes. Compare, eg, to many ‘loose cut’ parkas.

    • SSD says:

      Ultimately, I’d say it comes down to cost. It costs more to ensure IR compliance.

      Ghostex is available to authorized users and they can get Biostealth pattern they need, in full IR compliance.

      Deceptex is for everyone else. Not everyone needs IR.

      I don’t see any issues here.

  2. JohnnyB says:

    I’m now ready to see the 350 environments that these are designed for.