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I’m Not Sure What’s Going on in Chesterfield But Thus Far, I’m Not Impressed

Early Friday morning a monster gunned down innocent moviegoers in Aurora, Colorado. You might ask what that has to do with Chesterfield, Missouri and normally so would we. But, Chesterfield, Missouri based TacticalGear.com thrust themselves into the middle of this act.

You see, the perpetrator of this heinous crime is said to have purchased a Blackhawk! vest, 2 pouches and a knife from them in early July, according to their records. In fact, that info is ALL over the news. It seems a bit off to make such a big deal over that. A vest, knife, and two pouches? This isn’t like it’s the weapon.

Already, it was starting to look like someone going beyond being a cooperative citizen to looking for some publicity. But then, it got worse.

We’ve been very supportive of TacticalGear.com in the past but the comments made by COO Andrew Hoefener during a recent interview by KMOV were pretty unimpressive. He started out the interview just fine, explaining that TacticalGear.com is proud to support Law Enforcement, but then it got weird. He said, “If any additional scrutiny needs to be paid, it’s probably to ammunition sourcing online and firearms and how those are purchased.” What the hell is he talking about? And, does he even have any idea what he means when he says that? What is this guy thinking?


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  1. Ed says:

    Open mouth…..insert foot & hand! Sounds like his edit button had a class three malfunction, and he was unable to clear it.

  2. Brandon says:

    What a colossal idiot.

  3. John says:

    Looks like i will unlike and never send my business there.

  4. I live REALLY close to Chesterfield… Im glad that I didn’t know until today that this guy is here.

  5. Alex says:

    Chesterfield, MO… That’s funny. I used to work for a company that had an office in Chesterfield. One the partner’s brothers was a project manager. He couldn’t stop saying stupid crap that this to save his life.

    Most be something in the Chesterfield water that creates idiots…

  6. Chad says:

    This quote was taken out of context. The reporter asked Mr. Hoefener if TacticalGear.com was taking any action to prevent the general public from purchasing these same items in the future. Of course we are not. The items in question were an urban assault vest, mag pouches and a tactical knife. The point Mr. Hoefener was trying to make was that firearms/ammunition and tactical clothing/equipment should not be put in the same bucket. We do not believe there should be regulations governing the purchase of tactical gear in any way what so ever. I acknowledge that Mr. Hoefener’s choice of words was poor. However, you have to understand that we have been flooded with emails and voicemails from angry people accusing us of selling the 6,000 rounds of ammunition and firearms to the Colorado shooter. People are clearly confused and have insinuated that we conducted these transactions over the Internet and without a background check. They say that we have blood on our hands. In some cases these hostiles have brought the ladies in our customer relations department to tears.

    I am not trying to rationalize the statement that our Chief Operating Office made. It should not have happened under any circumstances, period. I’m simply trying to explain the spirit of what he was trying to convey. The essence of which was that we did not sell this sociopath guns and ammo and that the reporter was barking up the wrong tree. Obviously, it came out wrong.

    To be clear, we are full supporters of the 2nd amendment. Many of us at TacticalGear.com are avid gun owners and enthusiasts. I personally have a concealed carry weapons permit and own several handguns. There are literally guns in the TacticalGear.com office at all times. I believe that there is a good chance that if someone in the audience had a CCW that night at the theater perhaps less people would have been hurt.

    If people want to get upset at TacticalGear.com because we unknowingly supplied a future mass murderer with some tactical nylon then so be it. I can accept that truth and appreciate their right to feel that way about us. But the notion that we are anti-gun or that we do not support the 2nd amendment in any way is patently false. It is in fact the exact opposite. Anyone that suggests otherwise clearly does not know our company culture or me at all.

    • SSD says:

      Chad, thank you for posting. I can’t imagine any rational person being angry with you for supplying nylon goods to a purchaser. That is completely irrational.

      However, your COO’s comments were in context. I posted the quote in context and the video at KMOV shows a complete thought. It’s obvious what he was thinking.

      I highly doubt that TacticalGear.com was the only place that the killer purchased equipment. I’m curious what the thought process was that made someone in your company decide it was a good idea to go public with the fact that he was customer. So far, we haven’t seen anyone else come forward. I think cooperating with the authorities is paramount but the information was on CNN the next day. It’s curious.

      • Strike-Hold! says:

        Combination of a “news” program trying to stretch and pad out a thin story to get a unique angle on the event, plus what was probably a leading question from the reporter, and then a case of not knowing when to STFU on the part of the C.O.O.

        Its also quite strange / suspicious how this “story” about the order for the vest and stuff came to be in the news at all. Plus, I feel really sorry for the employees of TacticalGear.com who’ve borne the backlash from this – and I sincerely hope it wasn’t becuase of a failure in leadership.

  7. Swiat34 says:

    Unbelievable! To be honest, I don’t like the wording of this article :”It seems a bit off to make such a big deal over that. A vest, knife, and two pouches? This isn’t like it’s the weapon.” Seems as if you’re saying the place that sold the firearms is to blame? Regardless, the problems lie in 2 places: The individual (and/or those that helped/enabled him) and the scarcity of Concealed Firearms carry and the difficulty in obtaining permits.

  8. Rob says:

    He was screwed from the second he agreed to an interview.

    Unsolicited PR advice: In a breaking news situation tell all employees to respond as follows: “Thanks for calling, [reporter’s first name]. Our hearts go out to the victims of [event]. We are preparing a written statement now and will get it to you as soon as it’s ready. What is your deadline and email address?”

    • J says:

      This +1000

      Everyone here should file this and save it for a rainy day. Thanks R!

  9. Mandingo says:

    Bad press handled horribly. What were you thinking?

    You sought this out by opening your mouth. WOW. I guess you heard somewhere that there is “no such thing as bad publicity”… Well there is, and you raised your hand and asked for it.

    Tacky, and in bad taste.

  10. reverenddel says:

    As a corporate minion, I can atest it’s called “Throw the other guy under the bus to save yourself.”

    Happens every day.

  11. After the shooting I checked my records at the Best Buy I own and I sold him the computer he used to order that gear.

    This man is a fool and deserves any and all backlash he gets from the community.

  12. Chad says:

    FYI – we have issued a statement regarding the shooting and this topic:

  13. straps says:

    I suspect that this guy sells to Airsofters. If ammo and the weapons that fire it are seriously constrained, his customer base will likely have MORE money to spend on support gear. Or maybe I’m just giving this guy too much credit, and he felt the need for a classic deflection.

    I had a long-scheduled meet-up at a range the day after the Aurora tragedy, and figured there was a 50/50 chance that media would be snooping around. I pulled into the lot and sure enough, there’s the ENG van. The range operator had his ducks in a row and had lined up a forum mod, a correctional officer who was training his spouse and an armed citizen, all of whom did a great job on camera. Range owner got free media and responsibly armed citizens got to hold some ground.

    • Crate Kicker says:

      What’s with the hate for the Airsofters?

    • straps says:

      An Airsofter can sling plastic for a year for what 3 months of factory ammo costs a hardcore rifle and pistol shooter. UNDENIABLE FACT.

      Ergo Airsofters across the socioeconomic continuum (from high school kid to software exec) have more $$$ to spend on “Tactical Vests” and “Assault Knives.” Ergo, guy who sells gear (but not ammo–ammo’s BAD, mmmkay?) loves–LOVES Airsofters. MY SPECULATION.

      That’s what I said. Anything else you read in, you read in.

  14. […] SoldierSystems.net sums up the facts: Early Friday morning a monster gunned down innocent moviegoers in Aurora, Colorado. You might ask what that has to do with Chesterfield, Missouri and normally so would we. But, Chesterfield, Missouri based TacticalGear.com thrust themselves into the middle of this act. […]

  15. Matt says:

    Wow… OK… So some guy $h1t the bed and this makes a whole city the arse of the world?

    SS, could you have maybe put a little more thought into it when coming up with a lead line?

    I have zero faith that global mass media and local news stations can cover this event with any sort of intellegence or integrity.
    I see only liberally biased, agenda laden sociopolitacal rhetoric… please dont paint yourselves into the same corner as those hammerheads.

  16. Mandingo says:

    I support Soldier Systems 100% on this. I see the purpose of this blog is to serve the industry first. The general public having access to this site is a privilege, period.

    There are manufacturers, retailers, supply personnel, and legitimate end users that see the work done here as a daily resource and asset.

    And then… there are the knock-off manufacturers looking for their next bit of IP to steal, and the end users waiting for the knock-offs to hit the market.

    It’s hard to tell who is who on here, but I see calling a member of our community out for a questionable piece of judgement (ambulance chasing), as a very suitable topic.

    Every now and then an incident comes to light that makes me wonder what standard of honor these people hold themselves to?