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Daniel Winkler Flint Striker Set – Update

Winkler Knives has made a few updates to the Flint Striker Set we recently covered. Crafted by Master Bladesmith Daniel Winkler, has updated the set a little.

The capability the kit offers remains the same; traditional firemaking, but a few components have changed. For example, the pouch is now made by Primavera Leathers. Additionally, the striker knife is no longer available as a folder. However, the current fixed blade model is made from 1095 file steel with the spine edge of the handle hardened to consistently throw sparks.

The set includes a belt pouch containing the char-tin, flint, and tinder, as well as “how-to” dvd starring Daniel Winkler. The price has also come down to $450.00 which includes the striker knife by Daniel.



2 Responses to “Daniel Winkler Flint Striker Set – Update”

  1. Rob Collins says:

    $450?!? That’s ALL?