SSP LAAW Carrier

This chunk of baddassery is an S&S Precision LAAW Carrier. I’ve been telling guys about it for quite awhile now but this graphic depicts exactly what I have been saying. The LAAW Clip holds the M72-series rocket in place on the wearer’s back until needed. Then, it can quickly be pulled forward and placed into action. Over or underhand. Your choice.

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5 Responses to “SSP LAAW Carrier”

  1. mike says:

    Also, why haven’t you come to GSS to buy one? Guys look at them all the time, but no one seems to realize how amazing they are!

  2. Snakehugger says:

    And I am sure in true S&S fashion, it will cost some ungodly amount.

  3. Paul J says:

    Maybe because they never experience the fact that carrying this kind of ammo is a mess.

  4. Jim says:

    I don’t think “badassery” quite conveys the proper level of “So Full of Win that even God says, ‘Nice…’ “

  5. M5 says:

    Interesting. I recall the fun of crawling around with a few LAW’s, in addition to the rest of the combat kit, and how the carrying straps of the LAW’s invariably got entangled. This raises my first question: Can you wear multiple of these s&s carriers? Like, say, 3?

    My next question is how this works with when carrying a pack. It doesn’t…? Like, carrying a pack, fighting starts, drop pack, crawl, engage with LAW? Or, alternatively, how about riding inside an IFV? Obviously, sitting wearing this, eh, rocket pack, seems impractical. Any chance of putting it on quick enough after dismounting in a hurry?

    Ie, is this LAW carrier by s&s for general with LAW’s, or is it for specialized usage only? If the latter, it could still be very very useful.

    And finally, could something similar be made for carrying heavier AT-rockets/missile launchers? After all, in comparison, running around with a LAW is rather manageable.