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FEB9 – A Bandage From Finland

Finnish company 9 Side has introduced a bandage called the Finnish Emergency Bandage (FEB9).


The FEB9 can be opened one handed and a wounded Soldier can single-handedly make a pressure bandage or a tourniquet. Not only is the FEB9 radiolucent, it’s also gamma sterilized. Additionally, it’s also designed for use in the arctic conditions, meaning it won’t break in the cold.

They also offer the FEB9+ variant which an additional 20 x 30 cm non adhering wound pad for dressing through and though wounds, to cover burn injuries etc. Finally, 9 side can be customized to include hemostatic agents, hypothermia blankets, first-aid, survival or other instruction materials etc.

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7 Responses to “FEB9 – A Bandage From Finland”

  1. chad says:

    Looks more complicated than the israeli, who just lost their NSN to the NAR ETD. No thanks Finland. Stick to building rifles, plz kthxbai.

  2. Logan F. Crooks says:

    Yeah seems like an Israeli. Still looks pretty cool though. Any ETA on these? And how can it be Customized?

    • Scorpy says:

      They’ve been available domestically for months now; guess they waited a bit before expanding to the rest of the world. I guess the customizing means, well, all parts of it: what it says on the package and the thing itself, the properties of the bandage itself, and what’s included in the package besides the bandage (a thermal blanket might prove quite useful up here).

      Compared to the Israeli… well, they’re both compression bandages, naturally they look the same. Doesn’t look any more complicated than the Israeli to me, but seems to have more uses. Guess I should buy a FEB9 also and do some comparing.

      A shop selling them plus more images:

  3. Claymore says:

    Wow Chad! You can actually watch a video on a product by one company and make recommendations on what a whole country can and can’t make?
    That’s one professional attitude you have there;-)

    Been training with and using the FEB9 for about two years along with Israelis. Works as well as any modern dressing IMO. Worth a check if you’re looking to choose one since I know the company is serious about custom solutions.

    Oh yeah, finnish made rifles do rock, so you’re right about that one;-)

  4. Metalhead2508 says:

    So that’s how you get a woman to pull her pants down…..just throw boiling water on her. I’ve been doing it wrong all this time…..apparently they don’t like duct tape.

  5. IMTT says:

    I’m personally and professionally associated with one of the inventors / owners and the R&D team for this product. I’m confident based on testing so far and the improvements to come all will find it useful, innovative and desired. It is also being evaluated by several organizations within the USA and other nations. Yes there are some similarities between it and the Israeli bandage, there are also some patented improvements and very specific design advancements. As for the comments relative to building rifles; I would recommend further market research in order yield better examples. Nokia is not in Japan… They also are one of the leaders in national / military grade information security intelligence systems among other things.