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That’s One Way To Defeat Paratroopers

Monday, November 28th, 2016

Finland, during the Continuation war.

Savox Thor – The Future of Headgear

Monday, March 9th, 2015

savox THOR 4

Tactical Headgear for Operational Requirements (THOR) has been adopted by the Finnish Defense Forces as the helmet component of their Soldier Modernization Program: Warrior 2020. A multi-year contract was recently let by the Finnish Defense Forces Logistics Command, with initial deliveries being used for acceptance testing. Savox is the prime contractor of the consortium behind THOR, along with industry partners, Millog Oy (night vision) and Fy-Composites Oy (ballistic protection).

savox THOR 1

The core of THOR is a boltless design ballistic helmet made from a Dyneema/Aramid blend providing protection against ballistic threats: fragments and bullets to STANAG 2920 1.1g FSP-v50: 450. 750m/s – back face deformation <25mm; NIJ0106.01 9 mm FMJ bullet 430m/s. The shell also meets EN 397 shock absorption requirements. savox THOR 3

Additionally, special night vision goggles and hearing protection have been designed specifically to integrate with this helmet. As you can see in the photos, the NVGs stow very close to the helmet and are light enough to not need a counterweight. The goggles offer a 60°-wide view angle (also available is 40° FOV) and can be used in mono or bino configurations. These us Millog’s Hi60 3rd Gen tubes offering human recognition up to 150-250m as well as an integrated IR illuminator.

The various technologies developed specifically for the helmet are marketed under FLEXfamily.

For example, the FLEXfit ratchet system allows the rapid adjustment of fit for a wide variety of head types. Next comes FLEXadjust which covers the adjustable, multi-axis mounting systems for the NVGs and earpro. In addition to ANR headphones (23dB), the user can attach a boom or bone conductive skull microphone in addition to throat and internal respirator mic options. Like most systems currently fielded, power and volume adjustments are on the side via buttons. Additionally, the earphones can be placed in one of three positions without removing the helmet or losing communications.

savox THOR 2

FLEXnet is an integrated databus both internal and external to the helmet. This works hand-in-hand with the FLEXrail which allows the mounting of Picatinny compatible accessories to the powered rail system incorporating a USB integration interface. THOR features five of these FLEXrails which can bring data into the from cameras and sensors helmet as well as exfil it to other devices such as radios. These FLEXrails also incorporate FLEXpower which provides power to the devices as well as all accessories internally through the helmet.

Savox Thor

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Visit Ase Utra at IWA

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

Ase Utra Oy

Ase Utra Oy is a Finnish suppressor manufacturer. Their booth is located in Hall 7A , stand number 7A-406. They will have their current lineup of thread mounting and fast attaching sound suppressors on display there. And, the first visitors might be able to snag an Ase Utra logo baseball cap.

FEB9 – A Bandage From Finland

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

Finnish company 9 Side has introduced a bandage called the Finnish Emergency Bandage (FEB9).


The FEB9 can be opened one handed and a wounded Soldier can single-handedly make a pressure bandage or a tourniquet. Not only is the FEB9 radiolucent, it’s also gamma sterilized. Additionally, it’s also designed for use in the arctic conditions, meaning it won’t break in the cold.

They also offer the FEB9+ variant which an additional 20 x 30 cm non adhering wound pad for dressing through and though wounds, to cover burn injuries etc. Finally, 9 side can be customized to include hemostatic agents, hypothermia blankets, first-aid, survival or other instruction materials etc.

Forces Focus – Finnish Sotilaspoliisit

Monday, July 9th, 2012

Part of the Finnish Guards Jaeger Regiment, the Sotilaspoliisit is a small Military Police unit.

Reader JP had this to say about the video –

The Regiment has a strong homeland defence focus, and co-operation with LE agencies and civil authorities is close.
In the video you can see a 9month conscript- based MP reserve company training in assault force operations alongside Finnish National Police. During a sustained national crisis this assistance would be a typical mission profile, especially if foreign involvement is clear.
The training scenario here is pretty much an “Urban Shield” equivalent where all necessary elements, including the reserve company have been activated in response to a large scale event. The company is tasked in the briefing to strike a location identified as being used as a crash pad by the bad guys. See what happens…
Equipmentwise a lot of the stuff is Finnish, like the Sisu XA-180 APC, the breach blankets by Verseidag Ballistic Protection, the Valmet RK95 TP rifles etc. On the other hand you can see ACOGs, Aimpoint CS, NICO bangs, Insight Technologies stuff and Dynamic Entry tools put to good use… Not to mention an oldie but goody Partner Saw!

Thanks JP!

Ase Utra Sound Suppressors

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

Remember this kick ass photo of a Mayflower customer?

Turns out, he is Finnish and works for Ase Utra Oy, a sound suppressor manufacturer. They’ve recently updated their website.

Check it out!

New Russian Camo Causes Finnish Angst

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

Not very often that you run across articles in the NY Times on Soldier System topics, but the Russian Interior Ministry’s latest camo pattern is allegedly a dead ringer for the Finnish Army’s pattern. The pattern was reportedly worn by Russian Special Operations troops during the recent hostilities in Georgia. While the Russian Government has flatly denied copying the pattern, they have been known in the past to copy US Woodland pattern as well as German Flecktarn. Additionally, tipsters have alerted us to Russian versions of the Finnish m/05 pattern for sale on ebay within the last year. Obviously, considering a sizable common border and a past history of conflict with Russia, the Finns are a bit concerned.

NY Times Article