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Forces Focus – Finnish Sotilaspoliisit

Part of the Finnish Guards Jaeger Regiment, the Sotilaspoliisit is a small Military Police unit.

Reader JP had this to say about the video –

The Regiment has a strong homeland defence focus, and co-operation with LE agencies and civil authorities is close.
In the video you can see a 9month conscript- based MP reserve company training in assault force operations alongside Finnish National Police. During a sustained national crisis this assistance would be a typical mission profile, especially if foreign involvement is clear.
The training scenario here is pretty much an “Urban Shield” equivalent where all necessary elements, including the reserve company have been activated in response to a large scale event. The company is tasked in the briefing to strike a location identified as being used as a crash pad by the bad guys. See what happens…
Equipmentwise a lot of the stuff is Finnish, like the Sisu XA-180 APC, the breach blankets by Verseidag Ballistic Protection, the Valmet RK95 TP rifles etc. On the other hand you can see ACOGs, Aimpoint CS, NICO bangs, Insight Technologies stuff and Dynamic Entry tools put to good use… Not to mention an oldie but goody Partner Saw!

Thanks JP!


3 Responses to “Forces Focus – Finnish Sotilaspoliisit”

  1. straps says:

    Conscripts=Compulsory National Service (in the military–or something of equivalent importance to persons of alternative religious or moral persuasion).

    US is one very few Places Worth Living that doesn’t do anything like this.

    Just saying.

  2. Erik says:

    good to see pros still carrying an AK…Valmet…a primo AK at that.

  3. Tim Thomas says:

    Just another average day at the office…