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SPARTANAT IWA 18 – Put Andres Industries in front of your Specter DR

Saturday, March 3rd, 2018

Specter DR Tilo 1

Doing something deliberately can make sense. And so you decide to shoot something at night, and then you need this solution: The world’s smallest thermal glasses are used in front of one of the usual military optics, the Elcan Specter DR. The TILO-3 we have introduced to you HERE, the Specter DR HERE. The new mounting adapter, which brings the two worlds together, comes from Oberland Arms and enables the TILO thermal imaging device, which is also new, to be attached to the Elcan Specter 1/4x, turning the Tilo observation device into a thermal imaging attachment.

Specter DR Tilo 2

Andres Industries is pleased that OA offers accessories for the TILO-3Z+ they’ll present in Nuremberg. Although the TILO-3Z+ was developed as a thermal imaging spectacle and is also sold by Andres, it is very robust and has no problems with strong accelerations and vibrations. Even a fall on concrete is guaranteed to cope with it and has a few more scratches on the outside.

The new TILO-3Z+, which corresponds to the military version in its performance, will be available to civilians after the IWA, i. e. from 12 March 2017. It has an on-screen menu. About the can’t be to deactivate the required palettes or activate video output.

ANDRES INDUSTRIES im Internet:  www.andres-industries-shop.de
Oberland Arms im Internet: www.oberlandarms.com
Enforce Tac 2018 in Halle 10.1, Stand 10.1-641
IWA 2018 in Halle 9, Stand 9-405
SPARTANAT: www.spartanat.com

Note: this was translated from the original German

Nitecore at IWA 2017

Tuesday, March 7th, 2017

Nitecore has attended IWA 2017 at Hall 5-517. Nitecore has introduced quite many brand new models this time, including the SRT9, the MT22A and the NU series.

Nitecore 1

SRT9, a new member of the Smart Ring Tactical series, has an extremely UI allowing users to access all modes and functions by just twisting the smart ring. It provides infinitely variable brightness with highest level at 2150 lumens, auxiliary outputs of red, green, blue and UV. A piece of mush-have gear for all tactical operators, law enforcement personnel and hunters.

Nitecore 2

The MT22A, powered by two AA batteries, offers output as high as 260 lumens. The unibody design allows it to be super compact. An included stainless steel clip provides many carry options of the lights, making it extremely easy to carry.

Nitecore has also displayed many of the flagship models of the year, including the iF Design Award winners, LA10 CRI mini camp lantern and the R25 rechargeable tactical torch, the Reddot winner MH27 torch etc.

Nitecore 3

The brand has been established for a decade already and has kept innovating since day one. There are more than 50 new products offered by Nitecore to the international market during the past year. And the brand has been expanding its product portfolio. Looking forward to see what’s coming next.


High Speed Gear At IWA 2017

Thursday, March 2nd, 2017


NUREMBERG, Germany – High Speed Gear® will participate in IWA OutdoorClassics 2017 from March 3-6. The HSGI® team will be in Hall 9, Booth 9-236.

IWA is one of Europe’s largest and most comprehensive trade shows for the tactical, hunting and shooting sports industries.

HSGI’s® booth will include a wide variety of gear, including numerous new and unreleased products, for visitors to handle and learn about.

Anyone unable to attend can visit www.facebook.com/highspeedgear and www.instagram.com/highspeedgear for updates.

For information about IWA OutdoorClassics, visit www.iwa.info/en.


UF PRO Reveals New Product Range At IWA 2016

Monday, March 7th, 2016


Nuremberg, 05.03.2016. UF PRO revealed 7 new products at the annual IWA exhibition in Nuremberg. If you didn’t have the opportunity to visit their “jungle” booth in hall 9, here is some news straight from the UF PRO booth.

“Tough gear for rough weather.“ That’s the mantra for the new generation of Monsoon rain jackets, which were designed to offer extreme reliability and functionality during extreme weather conditions.


“Does 100g lighter gear compensate for less reliability and functionality? We don’t think so. That is why, during the design process of our new Monsoon jackets we focused on guaranteeing superb waterproof reliability, comfort and functionality, rather then saving grams and thus not including crucial functional elements, like the air/pac inserts or our Hood/Harness system“ said head of product development at UF PRO, Armin Wagner.

UF PRO is going to add 3 new jackets to their Monsoon rain gear; the more civilian styled Monsoon jacket, the heavy duty Monsoon XT jacket and the lightweight Monsoon Rain Shirt, which has been designed to be worn underneath a plate carrier.

“Our specialty has always been the designing of waterproof gear and with the new generation of Monsoon jackets, I really think that we are bringing a game changer to the waterproof garment market“ added Armin.

UF PRO also introduced their updated Striker XT combat pants and shirt, which should be available by the end of May. One of the biggest updates with the new generation of Striker XT pants is that the camouflage version is going to have the stretch panels also in camouflage. This was until now only the case with the Striker HT pants in MultiCam, where UF PRO combined the MultiCam NyCo fabric with the Schoeller-dynamic stretch material in SloCam.


A complete novelty to the UF PRO product range is the new addition to their Striker combat range- the new Stealth Smock.

“We wanted to design a smock, which would allow you to stow everything you need for a 24 -36 hour mission in it, without the need to carry an additional backpack or a chest rig. It was of course clear from the start that the problem isn’t going to be how to design a jacket with large pockets, but how to make sure the jacket stays comfortable to wear, even loaded with all that gear. That’s why we integrated a special air permeable load-bearing system into the jacket, which fixes the pockets onto your hip and thus helps to distribute the weight evenly.“ Armin reflected on the design process of the new Smock, which is going to be available in Flecktarn, MultiCam, PenCott GreenZone and RAL 7013 Brown-Grey.

UF PRO also introduced their new summer products, consisting out of the P-40 Shorts and the P-40 Shirt.

The shorts offer the known pocket configuration from the P-40 All-Terrain pants. The knee can be adjusted in length and can either cover the knee or stay above it.


The P-40 Shirt has integrated breathable mesh material in areas of high perspiration, air/pac inserts in the shoulder area and a high collar for extra sun protection and protection against abrasion in case of wearing a rifle sling.


Watch the video from our booth:


Hyde Definition – PenCott At IWA 2015

Wednesday, March 18th, 2015


At this year’s IWI, Hyde Definition’s PenCott family of patterns made a showing at an impressive number of companies’ booths. Along with longtime adopters such as Helikon-Tex and UF PRO, companies including Tasmanian Tiger and GECKOsuperior rolled out gear in PenCott patterns including GreenZone and BadLands.

You can read the full post here: www.hydedefinition.com/latest/?p=1610

IWA – Check out MATBOCK at the TACWRK Booth

Friday, March 6th, 2015

The MATBOCK LIFT System is on display at IWA in TACWRK’s booth which is located in Hall 9 Corner Booth 305.

PenCott Camouflage At IWA 2014

Friday, March 7th, 2014

Hyde Definition’s PenCott camouflage line has captured the attention of the international market, as can be seen at IWA 2014, where one can view the various companies that have adopted PenCott patterns into their product lines.


Helikon-Tex will be introducing new clothing items at IWA 2014, including a new line of professional combat gear called “Direct Action Gear”. This new line was developed with input from Brandon Webb and “Drago”, 2 former US Navy SEALS, and Jacek Kowalik and Andrzej Kisiel, 2 former members of Polish SF unit GROM.


Slovenian brand UF PRO is launching their new Striker XT BDU system at IWA 2014. The new brand will be available in GreenZone and BadLands camouflage. UF PRO is set up in Hall 9, Stand 317.


JK Defence’s SABRE brand will be showcasing their “Ghostwalker Gear” line in PenCott patterns. SABRE is set up in Hall 4, Stand 236.

Leo Koehler

Leo Koehler will be unveiling their new Cold Weather Smock in PenCott Snowdrift at IWA 2014. Leo Koehler is set up in Hall 9, Stand 337.


TAC Wear will have prototypes of their new PenCott clothing range on display at the TACPROGEAR booth. TACPROGEAR is set up in Hall 9, Stand 248.


Visit Regulus Global At IWA 2014

Thursday, March 6th, 2014


Regulus Global will be present at IWA OutdoorClassics 2014, March 7-10. They’ll be at Booth 9-136, representing brands including S&S Precision, TrackingPoint, and Smith Optics Elite for the international market.