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Enforce Tac 19 – CONCAMO Brown

Wednesday, March 6th, 2019


Thanks to TACWRK, here’s a sneak peek of the upcoming CONCAMO Brown which will soon join the Green variant, currently available.

MultiCam Tasmanian Tiger Tac Case S Available Exclusively From TACWRK

Wednesday, March 21st, 2018


Berlin’s TACWRK always has one of the best booths at the annual Enforce Tac Show. I really like how they set up mannequins with equipment from the various brands they sell.


They have a great relationship with Tasmanian Tiger and this year, they showed me one of the exclusive products they offer. It is the Tac Case S in MultiCam.


It’s a fully featured, yet smaller version of Tasmanian Tiger’s Tac Case. Manufactured from 700D Cordura, it incorporates laser cut PALS-compatible slots as well as ample room for a laptop. It also incorporates a removable organizer.



First offically certified men´s handbag

– Functional shoulder bag

– Detachable shoulder padding, rubberised on the underside

– Key holder

– Side pocket

– Zip-up front compartment with organizer

– Removable organizer

– Extensive additional padding

– Detachable, size adjustable carrying strap with shoulder pad

– Durable, reinforced handle

– Zip compartment on back

– Flap secured by Velcro and quick-release closures

– Large M.O.L.L.E. Velcro patch inside

– M.O.L.L.E. system for attachment of holster, magazine pockets etc. under the lid

While the MultiCam variant is exclusive to TACWRK, there are also Black, Carbon and Olive.

Order yours at

TACWRK’s Uni’Corn Raffle Ends Soon

Monday, September 11th, 2017

Berlin-based TACWRK is holding a Raffle with three Arc’teryx Uni’corn, seen below, as the prizes.


You’ve still got until the 13th of September to participate in this Raffle and donate to this worthy cause which will benefit several charities, including GDK, Bundespolizei-Stiftung, Bundeswehr Sozialwerk, Kampfschwimmer Association, SOC-F.

To enter, visit


Tuesday, August 29th, 2017

TACWRK raffles the Arc’teryx Echo Pack, in 3 colorways: Woodland, Desert, Black.

Not only do you have the chance to win a great and exclusive prize, but to also do something for a good cause! The limited UNI’CORN TICKET patches are your entry ticket to the raffle. The entire sales benefits from these patches and all UNI’CORN merchandise will be donated to selected charity organizations!

All in all, the Arc’teryx Echo Pack is a backpackers dream becoming true! Until 13th of September you have the chance to participate in the exclusive competition and support with your donation!

So if you still believe that unicorns are corny, glitter farting ponies with cotton candy tails you´ve probably never seen a real uncompromising roughneck unicorn on an all dominating HAHO mission. UNI´CORNS ARE REAL!

More information can be found on TACWRK’s website

TACWRX Shows Us Uni’corns Come In Packs

Thursday, August 10th, 2017

We have some further hints on the upcoming TACWRk „unicorn“ raffle for you: It‘s not just one „unicorn“ but a unicorn TRINITY!

From the pictures we can tell, it appears to be the extremely rare ARC‘TERYX LEAF Echo pack in three different colorways: Woodland, 3-color Desert, Black.

According to our sources, next week all details should be revealed. We‘ll keep you posted!

TACWRK Proves Unicorns Are Real

Sunday, August 6th, 2017

We’ve received the first clues that Berlin-based TACWRK will soon be raffling some „unicorns“, until recently thought to be extinct.


This picture and some corroborating information indicates, that it seems to be an extremely rare ARC‘TERYX LEAF Backpack in Woodland Camo!

We will keep you posted, as soon as more details are revealed!

Enforce Tac – Busch Protective

Wednesday, March 1st, 2017

Busch Protective specializes in helmets and is exhibiting in the TACWRK booth. They make a full range of helmets but their bump helmet, the AMH-2 caught my eye. It’s EN 397 certified for shock attenuation and impact which is a European standard. They are also working on fire and Alpine certifications.

The shell is vented but they also offer a bump helmet without venting depending on the application. Their adjustable pad system consists of a soft comfort pad and foam impact cells. The system is removable and offers standoff for ventilation.

They offer one shell which fits from small – Xlarge and can be adjusted via a wheel at the rear.  However, they assured me they can accommodate really big craniums.

The rail system is standard and incorporates channels at the front to accept a removable riot visor (frag and ballistic visors also available).

SOTECH Tactical Carriage Gear Lands in Berlin – TACWRK of Germany

Friday, October 14th, 2016

SOTECH is proud to announce the landing of SOTECH tactical gear with our new stocking dealer, TACWRK of Germany. Their showroom and warehouse are located in Schöneweide, Berlin. We are very selective about our stocking dealers, particularly because of our long relationship with German Special Operations. Our Go Bags became a staple in Europe because of their early selection by German SOF, as did our medical systems. We wanted a representative who is reputable, reliable and knowledgeable. TACWRK’s team in Berlin consists of former soldiers with experience from Afghanistan – providing background-knowledge to master inquiries, but also showing a commitment to employ veterans – a subject dear to SOTECH’s principals. We were also impressed with TACWRK’s commitment to German military and police associations with donations and charity-sales.

TACWRK, established in 2011, strives to provide technologically high-end and advanced gear for professionals and gear aficionados. They support military, law enforcement, security agencies, and fire departments, in the GSA-countries: Germany, Switzerland Austria, and throughout Europe.
When ask “Why did you choose to carry SOTech?” they replied “S.O. Tech has introduced gear which quickly turned into milestones and industry standard. This is exactly the kind of innovation TACWRK wants to push and present to those whose work depends on it.”

TACWRK now carries the Go Bag, SERE Pack, 3-Day-Assault Pack, Viper Flat IFAK and of course the Battle Bear! Contact TACWRK for special orders of other SOTECH products and custom designs.

Be on the lookout for “the Black Sunday” the first tactical sales event of it’s kind, at least in Europe – the BlackSunday:

Check out SOTECH at TACWRK at: