SOTECH Tactical Carriage Gear Lands in Berlin – TACWRK of Germany

SOTECH is proud to announce the landing of SOTECH tactical gear with our new stocking dealer, TACWRK of Germany. Their showroom and warehouse are located in Schöneweide, Berlin. We are very selective about our stocking dealers, particularly because of our long relationship with German Special Operations. Our Go Bags became a staple in Europe because of their early selection by German SOF, as did our medical systems. We wanted a representative who is reputable, reliable and knowledgeable. TACWRK’s team in Berlin consists of former soldiers with experience from Afghanistan – providing background-knowledge to master inquiries, but also showing a commitment to employ veterans – a subject dear to SOTECH’s principals. We were also impressed with TACWRK’s commitment to German military and police associations with donations and charity-sales.

TACWRK, established in 2011, strives to provide technologically high-end and advanced gear for professionals and gear aficionados. They support military, law enforcement, security agencies, and fire departments, in the GSA-countries: Germany, Switzerland Austria, and throughout Europe.
When ask “Why did you choose to carry SOTech?” they replied “S.O. Tech has introduced gear which quickly turned into milestones and industry standard. This is exactly the kind of innovation TACWRK wants to push and present to those whose work depends on it.”

TACWRK now carries the Go Bag, SERE Pack, 3-Day-Assault Pack, Viper Flat IFAK and of course the Battle Bear! Contact TACWRK for special orders of other SOTECH products and custom designs.

Be on the lookout for “the Black Sunday” the first tactical sales event of it’s kind, at least in Europe – the BlackSunday:

Check out SOTECH at TACWRK at:

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9 Responses to “SOTECH Tactical Carriage Gear Lands in Berlin – TACWRK of Germany”

  1. ThisIsWrong says:

    Look at the prices. TacWrk is a joke. Importing with all taxes is way cheaper than this shit.

    • TheClaw says:

      The Mission Go Bag a1 in Multicam cost 160$ on the SO Tech Website + 40$ Shipping to germany. This make 200$ = 182€ +19% Customs + 10% Tax this is a total of 231,75 € when you importing on your own. On the Tacwrk Website the Mission Go Back cost 225€. When you don’t like Tacwrk, don’t buy there but don’t talk s**t

  2. Insane Soldier says:

    I have been trying to get a Spec ops medical roll for 2 years! Every time I inquire I am told I have to order 10! Can someone refer me to a dealer who can assist me?
    Thanks guys.

    • Craig says:

      Oh, forgot to add this…if you cant get it at SKD, cruise “”. Again, no affiliation, but I HAVE bought things from guys there, and have had no issues and have been pretty happy with it overall.

      What color are you looking for? I have (or at least HAD) at least 1 or 2 others in addition to the one that I use. I might can help you.
      I will check back and see what you say/need if those sites cant help you at all.

  3. Craig says:

    That’s S.O. Tech Customer service for ya’.

    Piss,piss,PISS poor.
    I had SEVERAL similar incidents to where I just wouldn’t buy SO Tech anymore,particularly if it involved calling or dealing with them,directly, as a company. It’s almost as if they are deliberately rude and demanding because they don’t want you calling them, and that’s the way they insure you wont ever want to deal with them, or call them again.

    Don’t get me wrong-they have some absolutely great products,and I was issued quite a bit of it,which I liked well enough to “lose” during deployments(Med pack set [pack and Mission Go Bag…maybe something else but I can’t remember..dont have it ll with me right now],Go bag…both regular and extended).
    Best bet for getting SO Tech-and I have no attachment to these people whatsoever, is SKD.
    AND, they ship so fast it seems that they drive all night and deliver it straight to your damn mailbox.Yeah, it literally is that fast.
    If SKD doesnt have it,I dont know where to tell ya to go Brother.

    • JB says:

      I’ve had nothing but great luck with Jim and SO-TECH. Last time I blew out a zipper I got my bag repaired and returned to me in 2 weeks.

      I have noticed however that they are 80% military and 20% commercial. With the market ever increasingly going overseas (people to cheap to buy US made) it’s impossible to compete.

      I would suggest giving them a call or writing them in vs trying to blast them on SSD.

    • SSD says:

      What are you talking about?

    • z0phi3l says:

      I bet you are one of them “the rules don’t pertain to me” types that SO Tech chose to ignore

      They have a process, you follow it, you get taken care of, you don’t and you get treated like shit, like what you deserve. They’re not there to play the “customer is always right ” game, they have areal business to run