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Enforce Tac – Busch Protective

Busch Protective specializes in helmets and is exhibiting in the TACWRK booth. They make a full range of helmets but their bump helmet, the AMH-2 caught my eye. It’s EN 397 certified for shock attenuation and impact which is a European standard. They are also working on fire and Alpine certifications.

The shell is vented but they also offer a bump helmet without venting depending on the application. Their adjustable pad system consists of a soft comfort pad and foam impact cells. The system is removable and offers standoff for ventilation.

They offer one shell which fits from small – Xlarge and can be adjusted via a wheel at the rear.  However, they assured me they can accommodate really big craniums.

The rail system is standard and incorporates channels at the front to accept a removable riot visor (frag and ballistic visors also available).


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One Response to “Enforce Tac – Busch Protective”

  1. GoZ says:

    Nice Rip-Off of a Wilcox Helmet Shroud. Imitation may be the highest form of flattery….but possible theft isn’t really a compliment !